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What Do You Get With a Wagertalk Account?

When you sign up for a WagerTalk account, you get premium access to exclusive deals on picks and predictions. Beyond that, you get updates on daily best bets selections, free access to stats downloads to formulate your strategies, free offers and absolute access to tips videos and current hot picks, and limitless access to the handicappers at WagerTalk. You control all notifications, opt-in for whatever you want, and of course we will never never sell your data to a third-party.

WagerTalk Sports News & Research

Every day, WagerTalk brings you thorough research and coverage of all major events in many sports. Curious about how a certain golfer has been faring and if a certain course fits them? We’ve got you covered. Wondering about making advanced NRFI or YRFI picks on a MLB team? We’ve got your stats and your picks. And so much more. It’s all part of the WagerTalk Advantage.

FREE Daily Sports Picks & Predictions

Wagertalk provides free sports picks for sports betting each and every day of the year, for NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, KBO, UCL, and so much more.

Wagertalk has a loaded lineup of expert sports handicappers with transparent winning percentages (posted on our site) on their free sports picks. We cover all sports picks, from the NBANFLNCAAFNHLMLBKBO all the way to the Bundesliga.  Picks and parlays from WagerTalk expert bettors cover full game analysis, game previews, stats and trends, and provide you with all the information you need to be a more informed sports bettor!  

Premium Handicapper Picks & Predictions

Selling picks should replicate the betting of the capper selling those picks. Most sharp bettors use a percentage of bankroll when wagering. So at, we sell our plays as 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5% Plays. This way you the consumer know just how our handicappers are betting the game in relation to their bankroll.

Every sports handicapper at WagerTalk also offers a guaranteed option on EVERY daily play or package. Sign up and get a 15% off offer on all picks as well as constant exclusive offers emailed to you!

WagerTalk TV

Welcome to WagerTalk TV – Your Source for Sports Picks, Predictions, Best Bets, and Betting Insights! Are you searching for the best sports picks and expert betting advice? Your search ends here! WagerTalk TV is your daily destination for comprehensive analysis, expert predictions, and free sports picks spanning NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and more. Our seasoned handicappers and Vegas experts are dedicated to helping you make informed bets. Whether it’s NFL and College Football, MLB, NBA, NHL, Soccer, MMA, Horse Racing, or NASCAR, we provide a unique Las Vegas betting perspective.

Handicapper Quality – Check Out Our Team!

Simply put, all of the experts at WagerTalk are thoroughly vetted before they come aboard. They must be professional handicappers in every sense of the term.

Before a handicapper is allowed to provide premium picks on the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAF, golf, tennis, soccer, MMA, they must be absolutely qualified to do so. They must show extensive knowledge in all sports and have a history of making AND communicating successful predictions and tips.

You’ll only find professionals who have an enormous stake in being correct – as that is what their livelihood depends on!

So, you, the casual or expert sports bettor, get picks from people who have an incredible interest in being correct! Both to keep your business and loyalty and to keep their own reputation intact.

Thorough Betting Education

WagerTalk offers premium sports predictions, free picks, videos and incredible social engagement. But, WagerTalk also seeks to help you become more knowledgeable through extensive and detailed education articles that explain sports betting strategies to all levels, from beginner to expert.

if you’re a beginning bettor, you might be interested in concepts such as what an over/under bet is or what a parlay bet is is a good starting point.

If you’re an experienced or expert bettor, a brush-up on concepts like how to hedge a bet successfully, or what win to nil means, or advanced strategies on 3 way line betting might be more useful for you. WagerTalk has them all.

Always Be Responsible!

Bankroll Management – Bet Responsibly!

You’re not going to win every bet. You’re just not. And trying to scratch back losses is a sure way to failure.

So, don’t expect to win every bet, even with purchased picks. But, if you do bet on sports, why not take advantage of sophisticated statistical analysis and professional cappers whose income depends on sports betting! And learn valuable tips on managing bankroll, find out advanced betting options, and how to keep your eyes on the long term.

WagerTalk’s expert handicappers know it’s a long game. You have to win roughly 53% of your bets to come out ahead. It’s a bit like investing – if you constantly chase huge returns, you’re going to lose money. Invest or bet responsibly and rationally and you can do fine.

WagerTalk handicappers classify bankroll investment when you buy sports picks – sticking to 2%-5% of bankroll put into bets. You’ll never see a pick buy that suggests you put more than 5% of your bankroll into it – and those 5% bets are rare and incredibly well researched.

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