What is an Over/Under Bet?

You are wagering on how many total points both teams will score in the contest. Pro baseball totals are typically around nine runs in a game. Pro basketball totals are usually around 220 points. Pro hockey games usually have a total around six goals. Pro football totals are typically in the upper 40’s. You are placing a wager on whether or not the total points scored between both teams in the contest will go over or under that number.

What is a First Half Total?

Strange things can happen at the end of a game, and some handicappers prefer to only focus on the first half where they feel that they have a better idea of what’s to come. Betting on a first half total in a basketball game eliminates late-game fouling and free throw shooting. Betting on a first half in a football game eliminates “garbage time” points after a team may have pulled their starters. Betting on a first five inning total in a baseball game eliminates the bullpen and focuses on the starting pitchers. Betting on the first half total often requires a different set of thinking compared to betting the total for the full game.

What Happens if My Over/Under Bet Ends in a Tie?

That is a push and you will be receiving your wager back. If you bet over 48 in a football game and the final score is 28-20, your bet pushes and you will receive your money back.

Can You Live-Bet Totals?

Absolutely, and live betting is becoming increasingly popular. Live betting is a great way to get involved in a game where you didn’t have a strong lean before it began. If you are watching a basketball game and one team starts shooting exceptionally well, the in-game total will inflate and there may be an opportunity to play the under with the hope that the hot shooting won’t last all game. If you are watching a baseball game and the starting pitcher continues to get out of jams even though he’s getting hit, that might be an opportunity to take a look at betting the over with the hope that those hits will eventually turn into runs.

What is a Team Total?

A team total is an over/under bet, but only focused on one team, not both. You are only wagering on how many points one particular team scores in a contest, not the combined total for both.

How Does Weather Affect the Total?

Often times, not as much as you might think. Wind is the ultimate x-factor when it comes to weather affecting totals. History has shown that football games played in rain and snow don’t stray too far away from the norm, but heavy wind can really shake things up. It is important to pay attention to weather forecasts early in the week. Games where 20+ mph winds are in the forecast will likely see a drastic dip in their total from the time the lines open until the time the game is played.

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