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The AFC has 16 teams as of now, chopped into four divisions, the AFC East, the AFC North, the AFC South, and the AFC West. Over the last 20 Super Bowls, the AFC has won 12, but let’s be honest, that was mostly the Patriots.

NFL AFC Winner Odds 2023

BAL Ravens+1100+1500+1800+2000+1100
BUF Bills+500+475+475+500+475
CIN Bengals+550+450+450+550+450
CLE Browns+2200+1700+1600+2200+1600
DEN Broncos+2500+2000+1200+2500+1200
HOU Texans+10000+10000+10000
IND Colts+7000+8000+6000+8000+6000
JAX Jaguars+1200+1400+1400+1400+1200
KC Chiefs+330+380+380+380+330
LA Chargers+1300+1200+1200+1300+1200
LV Raiders+4000+3000+2200+4000+2200
MIA Dolphins+1100+1200+1200+1200+1100
NE Patriots+3500+3000+3000+3500+3000
NY Jets+1100+900+900+1100+900
PIT Steelers+2200+2000+2200+2200+2000
TEN Titans+5000+4500+4500+5000+4500

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Now that You Know The Odds to Win The AFC – Who Won the NFL’s AFC Regular Season the Last 20 Years?

  • 2022: Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2021: Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2020: Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2019: Baltimore Ravens
  • 2018: Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2017: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 2016: New England Patriots
  • 2015: Cincinnati Bengals
  • 2014: New England Patriots
  • 2013: Denver Broncos
  • 2012: Denver Broncos
  • 2011: New England Patriots
  • 2010: New England Patriots
  • 2009: Indianapolis Colts
  • 2008: Tennessee Titans
  • 2007: New England Patriots
  • 2006: San Diego Chargers
  • 2005: Indianapolis Colts
  • 2004: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 2003: New England Patriots

Beyond 2023 NFL AFC Winner Odds – 8 Longest Preseason Odds for Super Bowl Winners

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Team Preseason Odds Year
Baltimore Ravens +2200 2000
New York Giants +3000 2007
Oakland Raiders +3500 1980
Washington Redskins +3500 1982
San Francisco 49ers +5000 1981
New England Patriots +6000 2001
Philadelphia Eagles +6000 2017
St Louis Rams +15000 1999

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