Get World Series Odds for 2024 live! Check the odds on potential winners throughout the year at WagerTalk. You can bet at any point during the year on the World Series winner – could your longshot pull it off? And when should you place that bet? With our live MLB World Series Champion in 2024 odds table, you’ll know when odds shift and when you should place that bet!

Last year, the Texas Rangers won the 2023 World Series title, knocking off the Diamondbacks pretty handily with a 4-1 series win. The Rangers had LONG odds before the season! Depending on your sportsbook, the Rangers had unbelievably long odds in the preseason, with up to +5000 odds spotted. You made a hefty paycheck if you bet on them!

Odds to Win World Series 2024

ARI Diamondbacks+3000+5500+17000+18000+3000
ATL Braves+400+425+750+750+400
BAL Orioles+3500+7000+8000+13000+3500
BOS Red Sox+18000+6500+6000+18000+6000
CHI Cubs+14000+15000+9000+20000+8000
CHI White Sox+15000+20000+4000+25000+4000
CIN Reds+25000+80000+20000+80000+20000
CLE Guardians+8000+6500+2200+8000+2000
COL Rockies+100000+60000+50000+100000+50000
DET Tigers+80000+60000+25000+80000+25000
HOU Astros+700+650+600+850+600
KC Royals+100000+50000+20000+100000+20000
LA Angels+4000+4500+4500+5000+3500
LA Dodgers+600+500+850+950+500
MIA Marlins+5000+10000+7500+10000+5000
MIL Brewers+3000+2200+3500+3500+1700
MIN Twins+2000+2200+3500+3500+2000
NY Mets+2800+1600+950+2800+800
NY Yankees+1200+900+750+1200+750
OAK Athletics+100000+60000+50000+100000+50000
PHI Phillies+2500+3500+1800+3500+1800
PIT Pirates+15000+30000+25000+30000+10000
SD Padres+1700+1800+950+1800+850
SEA Mariners+7000+4000+1900+7000+1900
SF Giants+4000+9000+6000+9000+4000
STL Cardinals+8000+3000+1600+8000+1600
TB Rays+500+650+1900+1900+500
TEX Rangers+1500+2200+4500+4500+300
TOR Blue Jays+1800+2000+1300+2000+950
WAS Nationals+100000+80000+50000+100000+50000

Live World Series Odds for 2024 from WagerTalk

World Series odds from WagerTalk update every day – so you can get a live look at how your MLB team of choice is being viewed by oddsmakers. Does your preferred World Series winner have odds that look insanely long during the preseason? Don’t sweat it. World Series winners have come from teams with as long of preseason odds as +8000!

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Check out MLB World Series Odds AND Check The Last 21 World Series Winners:

  • 2023: Texas Rangers
  • 2022: Houston Astros
  • 2021: Atlanta Braves
  • 2020: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 2019: Washington Nationals
  • 2018: Boston Red Sox
  • 2017: Houston Astros
  • 2016: Chicago Cubs
  • 2015: Kansas City Royals
  • 2014: San Francisco Giants
  • 2013: Boston Red Sox
  • 2012: San Francisco Giants
  • 2011: St Louis Cardinals
  • 2010: San Francisco Giants
  • 2009: New York Yankees
  • 2008: Philadelphia Phillies
  • 2007: Boston Red Sox
  • 2006: St Louis Cardinals
  • 2005: Chicago White Sox
  • 2004: Boston Red Sox
  • 2003: Florida Marlins

Beyond 2024 World Series Odds – 6 Longest Preseason Odds for Actual Winners

The favorite preseason does not always win the World Series. Incredibly obvious thing to say, of course, but sometimes an extremely unlikely candidate captures the World Series at the end of the season, despite being faced with monstrous odds preseason. Check out the longest odds for teams that eventually won the World Series.

Longest Odds to Win the World Series

TeamPreseason World Series OddsYear
Minnesota Twins+80001991
Florida Marlins+75002003
Minnesota Twins+50001987
Texas Rangers+50002023
Anaheim Angels+40002002
Kansas City Royals+33002015

Which Teams Have Won the Most World Series’?

Unlike titles in many other sports, the World Series has been around for generations – the first World Series was in 1903, over 120 years ago!

This of course, allows for a great number of potential World Series winners and absolutely for the formation of dynasties that seem to win the World Series over and over and over.

And who’s the most successful dynasty over that time span? You’ll probably not be remotely surprised to learn it’s the New York Yankees with a whopping 27 World Series captures. Following WAY behind the Yankees are the St Louis Cardinals with 11 titles, the Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics with 9 apiece, and the San Francisco Giants with 8 World Series titles.

Which Player Has Won the Most World Series Titles?

Bet you know the answer to this one! He also happens to be one of the most hilarious baseball players out there historically. So, who is it?

Yogi Berra!! Yogi Berra won an incredible TEN World Series titles while playing for the New York Yankees in an incredibly impressive career. Yogi won those ten over the period of 1947-1962. Over the course of his illustrious career, Yogi Berra had a sparkling 2,150 hits, 358 home runs, and 1,430 RBI. A remarkable player indeed.

Odds to Win The World Series: Learn How to Bet on Baseball Before You Place Your MLB Futures Bet

Baseball betting, like baseball statistics is ripe for wildly varied choices simply because there’s so much that happens during the game.

Of course you can simply bet on moneyline or run line or similar simple bets, but baseball props allow for extravagant betting options, from how each batter will perform at each at-bat, how each pitcher will perform, what will happen each inning, and nearly endless combinations thereof. Learning how to intelligently bet on all aspects of baseball will drastically increase your odds of success.

Learn how to bet on baseball with WagerTalk’s exhaustive guide to betting on baseball!

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