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Betting On Soccer – To Win To Nil

As diehard and casual soccer fans are aware, this year's World Cup is fast approaching. Whether a person is a seasoned soccer bettor or is a novice getting in on the action for one of sport's most global events, there are markets that bettors may come across for the first time with the growth of the legalization of sports betting.

What Is Win To Nil Betting?

First, for those not aware of soccer terminology, nil means zero. Knowing this, the Win To Nil market is a bettor selecting a team that will win the game with the opposition scoring no goals.

The Win To Nil market can usually be found under 'Team Props' or 'Game Props' section within a matchup, as the wager deals with the entire team's performance in the match.

Other team props that are popular that customers may see surrounding the Win To Nil market is, Team To Keep A Clean Sheet, Both Teams To Score, Draw No Bet, Correct Score, and more.

Advantages to Betting The Win To Nil Market

The Win To Nil bet is effectively two bets in one. The first part of the wager is the selecting a team to win, with the second part of the wager is the opposition scoring zero goals. Both outcomes must happen for a customer to win their wager.

This makes the Win To Nil market more risky than the standard moneyline (to win) wager, but can provide extra winnings to soccer bettors that believe they know how the game is most likely to be played.

Some soccer teams do not have great scoring ability, or pride themselves in their defensive efforts. Whether it is a clash between two defensive teams, two low- scoring teams, or a powerhouse team against a very weak opponent that may dominate the ball the entire match, a bettor can feel adventurous and use the Win To Nil market to provide that little extra payout.

win to nil betting

What Does a Win To Nil Bet Look Like?

The Win To Nil market will give a customer two selections, one for each team. For an example, let's say Germany is playing Italy.

If a bettor selects Germany in the Win To Nil Market, Germany must win 1-0, 2- 0, 3-0, 4-0 etc. while Italy scores zero goals to have a winning wager. If Germany wins by a final score of 2-1, 3-2, 3-1, 4-1, etc., it is a losing wager.

What To Consider When Betting To Win To Nil On Soccer Games

It is mentioned a little bit earlier in the article, but there are certain scenarios and matchups where betting the Win To Nil market maybe more fruitful than backing a straight moneyline wager.

A strong favorite against a weak opponent is one of the scenarios. Goal differential during the season may be a determining factor for a team's record within their league's table, so the focus does not wain towards the end of a blowout. Every goal matters, so backing a large favorite to Win To Nil is an advantageous play.

How’s The Defense?

Backing a strong defensive team is another scenario. Although the team may not win most games, if a team with a strong defense has a track record of low-scoring, tight games, a 1-0 victory may be enough.

If a team repeatedly finds itself in grind out games, a Win To Nil wager may have tasty plus-odds to return a more than usual payout. The same could be said about going against a team with a very weak offense.

If there is a team that has difficulties putting the ball in the back of the net, a bettor can hope those struggles continue during a particular match.

What Sportsbooks Offer Win To Nil Betting Options

All major sportsbook providers 'should' offer the Win To Nil market, which also may be labeled as win by shutout.

FanDuel Sportsbook, Caesars Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, MGM Sportsbook and the like may have not had this type of market when PASPA was overturned and sports betting was first legalized and rolled out digitally to customers, but now after a few years operating, this is a common team prop that is widely available where legal online sports betting is available.

It will not be in the same place uniformly across all sportsbook providers, so it is beneficial for customers to get used to their user experience to find such props. Win To Nil may also be offered as a live market after the game has started, so don’t fret if you’re late to the action!

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