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Free MLB Picks Today - Best MLB Bets of the Day June 14

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Best MLB Bets Today - MLB Picks Free From Experts Today

Find MLB Betting Picks, MLB Analysis, MLB Picks & Parlays, Expert Baseball Predictions, and Best MLB Bets Today - Right Now. WagerTalk's deep dugout of professional MLB handicappers offers MLB picks every day, for free and expert premium picks to boot.  

You'll find a wide array of best bets, we have very popular HR prop picks, NRFI predictions, and much more, with full explanations and stats to back up MLB predictions.  You'll find even more free MLB picks from WagerTalk below our daily MLB prop picks.  Like what you see?  Sign up for a free WagerTalk account.  

Guaranteed MLB Picks For Today

Time for you to become a better baseball bettor.  After you grab some free MLB predictions, we can help you become a more informed MLB bettor with our extensive educational guides. 

Check out our guide to advanced baseball betting strategies or our expert run through on run line betting.  And, of course, if you purchase any picks, you always have the option for a guaranteed MLB pick - you can't lose.  Interested in looking beyond MLB betting? Check out free KBO Predictions.

WagerTalk Experts Monitor Everything and Go Beyond Simply Watching MLB Odds Changing, MLB Consensus Picks, Insider MLB Picks, & MLB Public Betting

WagerTalk brings you free MLB picks and featured MLB Best Bets each and every day.  All MLB baseball picks are fully researched and present a data and statistical analysis, after a thorough review of team and player stats and matchups that are favorable or unfavorable. 
You can use MLB game analyses and with the information given, it's totally up to you whether or not to follow the free picks suggestion - each expert MLB bettor's baseball betting record is right in front of you.  Premium MLB picks happen in greater quantity daily than free MLB picks, so take a look! 

Today's featured best MLB bets today - check out below for way more free MLB picks and much more information: 

Free sports picks allow you to monitor a service to see how they perform before signing up for a long term package. The reason we created our site was to provide free predictions to our visitors so they could find a handicapper that is right for them.

MLB Best Bets Today From Wagertalk - Free MLB Picks in 2024 Every Day

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Please check back regularly as we offer free picks almost every day

Looking for free MLB picks from professional Major League Baseball Handicappers?  Wagertalk's expert handicappers provide top daily MLB expert picks at absolutely no charge.  

Free MLB Picks - Moneyline, NRFI, RunLine, HR Props and MORE Every Day in 2024

Here you can find free MLB expert betting picks from WagerTalk's elite team of handicappers. Detailed game previews, analysis, and predictions backed by statistics. Get going with 100% FREE hot MLB picks of the day - get an edge.
Run Line Picks, Moneylines, MLB Props, MLB Parlays from WagerTalk: 

WagerTalk offers you free MLB predictions and betting picks every day of 2024 for MLB games - from the Pirates to the Giants to.. well, every team in Major League Baseball.   And don't forget our daily HR Props!

What Free MLB Picks Does WagerTalk Offer In 2024?

WagerTalk offers every type of MLB expert picks you could possibly want.  At WagerTalk you'll find daily free MLB picks that include: 

Moneyline MLB Picks Free:  

Naturally.  You have to offer moneyline picks and WagerTalk certainly does for MLB. 

Free MLB RunLine Picks: 

You'll find MLB runline picks galore at WagerTalk.  So what is the runline and why should you bet on it?  Well, simple!

The runline is baseball's version of the point spread. When betting on the runline, the favorite is -1.5 runs on the spread, with the underdog at +1.5 runs. Betting on the favorite requires your team to win its game by two or more runs. Truly, the runline is the great equalizer - it's just a little easier to place a bet when you've got a 2 run head start, right?

WagerTalk's expert MLB handicappers are runline prediction masterminds.  

Totals Betting Best Picks for MLB:

Total runs betting picks are an absolute staple of WagerTalk MLB handicappers. A major component of how to bet on baseball, a total runs wager is super straightforward, as the customer is picking whether the two teams will score over or under the listed number of runs combined during the game. The great part of a total runs pick is that you're basically just rooting for a ton of scoring.  Everybody loves that. 

Free Hitter Props Markets MLB Predictions - Including Daily Home Run Prop Picks:

WagerTalk offers MLB player props for hitters throughout the year.  A great betting market, you're simply betting on how a specific batter will perform during a game - the perfect market to bet if you're more of a player of an MLB hitter than an MLB team.  Find even more free MLB picks and player props at our sister site. 

Our daily HR home prop article is the most popular such article online!

Pitching Props Free MLB Picks of the Day:

You'll find MLB pitching prop picks from WagerTalk all during the long long MLB season.   Like hitting props, bettors can get some terrific ML picks free from WagerTalk - pitcher prop picks that help them select how their ace pitcher will perform on the mound. Each starting pitcher usually receives a list of pitching props, such as: 'Total Pitching Strikeouts', 'Total Hits Allowed', 'Total Outs Recorded', 'Total Earned Runs Allowed', and more.

Same Game Parlay MLB Best Bets: 

Now and then you can find MLB same game parlay picks from expert MLB handicappers at WagerTalk. 

free MLB picks

Fun MLB Stats - History Guides Your MLB Bets? 

What Were the Longest Preseason Odds for a MLB World Series Champ?

Did you make a bet on any of these?  If you did, you're an expert already.

  • Minnesota Twins: +8000 in 1991
  • Florida Marlins: +7500 in 2003
  • Minnesota Twins : +5000 in 1987
  • Texas Rangers: +5000 in 2023
  • Anaheim Angels: +4000 in 2002


Which American League Teams Have Won The Most Regular Season Games?

The top winning team here is the Seattle Mariners of 2001.  They grabbed 116 wins, but then simply choked and lost the ALCS. After the Mariners the Yankees in 1998 won a ton of games - 114, in fact, and won the World Series to boot.

After those two MLB behemoths, the Cleveland Indians won 111 times in the regular season in 1954,  the Yankees captured 110 wins way back in 1927 and then we have the Baltimore Orioles winning 109 wins in 1969 - but failed to win the World Series.


best mlb bets today

Which National League Teams Have Won The Most Regular Season Games?

The Chicago Cubs take it.  116 games in 1906. Nuts.  They went 116-36.  The LA Dodgers plop in behind them, going 111-51 in 2022.  The 1909 Pirates pulled off 110 wins.  The Mets (really! The Mets!) won a whopping 108 games in 1986 and the Cincy Red of 1975 tied them at 108 games won as well. 

Which Teams Have Won the Most World Series'?

Wait, the World Series has been happening since 1903?  Indeed it has!  And man have we seen a lot of winners and quite a few dynasties. 

Naturally, the Yankees top the list of dynasties - they've captured 27 World Series titles.  Following WAY behind the Yankees are the St Louis Cardinals with 11 titles, the Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics with 9 apiece, and the San Francisco Giants with 8 World Series titles.

Which Player Has Won the Most World Series Titles?

Yogi Berra.  Nothing else to say here, obviously it was Yogi.  10 World Series titles!

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