Asian Handicap In Soccer Betting

An Asian handicap is a type of bet used in soccer that is designed to level the playing field between two teams by giving a “handicap” to the team that is seen as the weaker side. This is done by awarding goals to the weaker team before the start of the match, or by taking goals away from the stronger team. Like the run line in baseball or puck line in hockey, soccer handicapping offers ways to level the playing field when the two sides are far apart in talent.

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Asian Handicap Example in Soccer Betting

So, what is Asian handicap betting? Let’s take an example.

So, when a team like Argentina squares up against a team like Saudi Arabia, sportsbook operators will give Saudi Arabia a handicap of +1.5 goals. This means that if a customer wagers on Saudi Arabia and they win the match, or if they lose by less than 1.5 goals, they will win their wager. On the other hand, if a customer wagers on Argentina and they win by more than 1.5 goals, the customer will win their bet.

Although this shouldn't scare customers away every time, in this most recent World Cup, Saudi Arabia upset Argentina in the group stages in one of the largest upsets in World Cup history. Saudi Arabia odds to win were around +1800 before the game started

asian handicap

Asian Handicap Soccer Betting Goal Fractions – How Asian Handicap Works

The major difference is that the Asian handicap introduces fractions of goal, such as .25 and .75, to the spread. When a customer wagers on a team at a number like +1.25, they're splitting a wager between two spreads, +1 and +1.5.

If the wagered on team loses by one goal, the customer pushes on the +1 and wins the +1.5. If the team wagered on draws 0-0, the customer wins both bets.

If the team wagered on loses by two (2) goals, the customer loses both bets because they didn't cover either spread. Although this wager is treated as one play on a betting ticket, it is essentially two wagers in one that do not affect one another.

Below is an example of wagering $20 on an Asian handicap market for team getting +1.25 at -140 odds. Final score of the game being 1-0. Asian handicap goal line example.

 Asian Handicap Goal Line Bet 1 Bet 2
Spread +1 +1.5
Wager Amount $10 $10
Result Push Win
Payout $10 $17.10
Profit 0 +$7.10

On the other side of the coin, a customer can wager on a team at -1.75. If the team wagered on wins 2-0, the customer wins the -1.5 portion of the bet and pushes the -2. If the team wagered on wins 3-0, the customer wins both bets.

Customers can also use the Asian handicap method for totals on a soccer game.

The example below is for a $20 wager on an Asian handicap market for an Under 1.75 goals at +165 odds. Final score of the game being 1-0.

 Asian Handicap Example Bet 1 Bet 2
Spread 1.5 2
Wager Amount $10 $10
Result Win Win
Total Payout $26.5 $26.5
Profit +$16.5 +$16.5
what is an asian handicap

The Asian Handicap is Unique to Soccer

Soccer is unlike other American sports, where the vast number of teams differs drastically than what the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL have to offer.

When there are only 30 teams in a league, there will be parity across the league throughout the season, and any team can defeat another team on any given day. Soccer produces multiple levels of club teams throughout different leagues across the globe, and that doesn't even include national teams for major tournaments, such as the World Cup.

With so many teams across different levels of competition, there are plenty of matches that are lobsided and pin together two teams that are on different playing levels.

With such heavy favorites against long shot underdogs occurring frequently, these soccer matches are difficult to wager on with the regular money line markets because a customer would have to risk such a high dollar amount.

How Do Asian Handicaps Offer More Wagering Options?

Asian handicaps are different from regular soccer gambling in that they offer more options for wagering and allow for the possibility of a “push,” where the bet is neither won nor lost. In regular soccer gambling, a bet is either won or lost based on the final score of the match.

Overall, Asian handicaps offer a more balanced and fair way to bet on soccer matches, as they consider the relative strengths of the two teams. Soccer Asian Handicap betting is a great way to spice up your betting.


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