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What Sportsbooks Offer Gift Cards?

Sportsbook operators are continually growing and finding ways to make the legal online sports gambling experience as easy, safe, and secure for their customers as possible. Sportsbook gift cards are a big step in making the process easier.

New payment and deposit methods are being validated as time goes on, and it is now possible to give someone a gift card to use at their favorite legal sportsbook operator.

Whether the sportsbook gift cards are given to an existing customer or a new customer wanting to explore an online sportsbook for the first time, most of the main operators accept prepaid gift cards that attaches right to a customer’s wallet.

Where Do You Find Sportsbook Gift Cards?

Prepaid sportsbook gift cards can be purchased at some of the most popular convenience stores in regulated online sports betting states.

Convenience stores such as, 7 Eleven, Speedway, Dollar General, and larger department stores such as Walmart and CVS will have cards available to purchase. A sportsbook account holder can deposit as many cards as they want, so this is viable as a repeat gift option.

The prepaid sportsbook gift cards are easy to upload into your account and are a great alternative gift for any sports fan looking to inject some energy into someone’s fandom.

sportsbook gift cards

What Sportsbook Operators Offer Gift Cards?

Sportsbook OperatorGift Card Acceptance
BetMGM SportsbookYes
Caesars SportsbookYes
DraftKings SportsbookYes
FanDuel SportsbookYes
FoxBet SportsbookYes
SportsbookWelcome BonusStates AvailableGet Your Bonus
1. Caesars$1250 Risk Free BetNJ, WV, CO, IN, IA, MI, VA, TN, AZ, NY, LA, KS, PAClaim Now!
2. BetMGM$1000 Risk Free BetNJ, PA, WV, IN, CO, TN, IA, MI, VA, DC, WY, MS, AZ, NY, LA, KSClaim Now!
3.DraftKings$1000 Deposit MatchNJ, PA, WV, IN, CO, IL, IA, TN, MI, VA, WY, AZ, NY, LA, KSClaim Now!
4. FanDuel$1000 Risk Free BetNJ, PA, WV, IN, CO, IA, IL, TN, MI, VA, AZ, NY, LA, ON, KSClaim Now!
5. FoxBet$50 Risk Free BetNJ, PA, CO, MI
Claim Now!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Sportsbook Gift Card?

Whether it’s a branded gift card (offered by DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM) or a Visa sportsbook gift card, there are plenty of benefits of using this as a deposit method.

With large banking institutions becoming more ingratiated with legal online sportsbooks, the acceptance rate of prepaid cards is as close to 100%. Of course, there is always an edge case or two, but using a gift card protects a customer from providing banking information to their sportsbook operator to make a deposit.

These cards are reusable, which is beneficial for those who do not want to carry cash around. The card can simply be reloaded, and the card can be used to fund an account, which is also another great way to control someone’s limits.

Using a prepaid card prevents a customer from wagering more than what is loaded onto the card, so it is a great way to stay within the balance of a player’s financial limits and boundaries.

Differences Between Sportsbooks’ Gift Cards

They may all seem the same when pulling them off the shelf at the closest convenience store, but different sportsbook providers have different minimum deposits and maximum deposits that are allowed on a card.

With denominations usually coming in the $25 and $50 form, it is important to know the minimum and maximum amounts accepted on each sportsbook providers card before purchasing. In addition to limits, some cards come with bonuses that may be more fruitful for the person receiving the gift.

For example, BetMGM gives customers a $10 free play bonus for depositing through the gift card method, so that may make someone lean towards them over other competitors.

How To Use A Sportsbook Gift Card

When going to the cashier or wallet area from the homepage of the sportsbook operator, choosing the prepaid card method will direct a customer to enter the prominent details of their card. A customer can select the amount he or she wishes to deposit depending on how much money is loaded onto the card.

After these quick and easy steps, the sportsbook account should be updated instantly, and a player should be ready to get involved in the action.

Drawbacks Of A Sportsbook Gift Card

It isn’t a drawback for the person receiving the sportsbook gift card, but for the person purchasing the gift card, there may be a small point of purchase fee to activate initially.

This is like fees associated with depositing money into an account with a debit card so it should not be unfamiliar to customers, but unfortunately is a small part of the process.

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