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What is An Exacta Bet? Exacta Bets Explained For The Kentucky Derby 2024!

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What is an Exacta Bet? How Can I Place One in the Kentucky Derby in 2024?

An exacta bet is a type of horse racing wager in which you bet on which two horses will finish first and second in a race, in the correct order. Exacta bets are more difficult to win than win bets, but they also offer higher payouts.

How to Place an Exacta Bet

To place an exacta bet, you will need to go to a betting window at a racetrack or online sportsbook. When you place your bet, you will need to specify the two horses that you think will finish first and second, in the correct order. For example, if you think that horses 1 and 2 will finish first and second, you would place an exacta bet on 1-2.


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Exacta Box Bets

An exacta box bet is a type of exacta bet that allows you to bet on multiple combinations of horses to finish first and second. For example, if you place an exacta box bet on horses 1, 2, and 3, you will be betting on all three possible combinations of those horses finishing first and second. This means that you will have three chances to win, instead of just one.

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Exacta Trifecta Bets

An exacta trifecta bet is a type of exacta bet that requires you to pick the top three finishers in a race, in the correct order. Exacta trifecta bets are even more difficult to win than exacta bets, but they also offer even higher payouts.

Exacta Superfecta Bets

An exacta superfecta bet is a type of exacta bet that requires you to pick the top four finishers in a race, in the correct order. Exacta superfecta bets are the most difficult to win, but they also offer the highest payouts.

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Tips for Winning Exacta Bets

Here are a few tips for winning exacta bets:

  • Do your research. Before you place an exacta bet, take some time to study the horses that are entered in the race. Look at their past performance records, their recent workouts, and their jockeys.
  • Bet on horses with good speed. The faster a horse is, the more likely it is to finish first or second in a race.
  • Bet on horses with good form. Horses that are in good form are more likely to win or place in a race.
  • Don’t be afraid to box your bets. Boxing your bets will give you more chances to win, but it will also increase the cost of your bet.


Exacta bets are a great way to add excitement to your horse racing experience. If you’re looking for a way to win big, exacta bets are a good option. Just remember to do your research and bet on horses with good speed and form.

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Basics of Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is a popular form of betting and entertainment, with various types of wagers available to suit different preferences. Although there is race history or horses that have raced before, horse racing has the advantage of being somewhat unpredictable, which in turn creates some large payouts for small wagers.

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