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The Prez

(55) Dallas Stars at (56) Colorado Avalanche

(55) Dallas Stars at (56) Colorado Avalanche
May 11, 2024 10PM EDT
Play Rating:
5% – Colorado Avalanche -130

This is not a long handicap. The Avs have honestly not played well so far in this series, well not Avs well at least. Sure they outshot Dallas both games, but barely, as they fell behind by 3 and 4 goals. That is not good and yet they are coming home with the series tied at 1-1 and in both games rallied back to either win or make it close. H2H is important in this series as these teams know each other well and the Avs have won 5 of the last 7. I think Dallas is a really good hockey team and we are down to the final 8, but this Avs team is at another level when they play well. This is about timing for me. If the Avs are at their best, no team in hockey can beat them. I think they will be at their best Saturday night. They are coming off 2 games where they were horrible to start and should be very focused. They are also coming off a loss and this team is not going to lose back to back in the playoffs often.  

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