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Penn State Football Predictions, Betting Tips & Team Preview 2023: WagerTalk Best Betting Guide

Beaver Stadium at Penn State

Penn State Football Predictions & Preview 2023:

Expert college football handicapper Ron Marmalefsky runs down the Nittany Lions’ chances for 2023 and provides expert tips for betting on Penn State football in 2023. Ron looks at areas to watch, favorability of schedule, offers a predicted record for Penn State football in 2023 and offers some handicapping tips for betting on the Nittany Lion this season.

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Penn State Football Preview 2023: Penn State Picks for Betting

What else is new?  Penn State (PSU) went 11-2, but beating top five teams just keeps eluding them. 

Another solid campaign is likely, but before I delve deeper, my initial thought is that there are enough holes in the roster to have them again fall short of where they ultimately wish to be.

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Penn State Football Predictions: AREAS TO WATCH

Offensively, PSU made great strides with 11-13 games of 30 or more points scored.  T

hey had great success with two freshman RB’s, and more of the same should be expected, especially with another solid OL.  The worry is at QB and WR, but touted Sophomore QB Allar might be special, and I do like the Kent St transfer WR. 

Manny Diaz actually improved defensive numbers, which were pretty good before his arrival. 

My 2023 numbers are similar, although replicating their sub-53% pass defense seems tougher to do (55% would still be very good).  The only real concern for me other than making certain there’s no big QB performance drop has to do with their turnover ratio.  Replicating a double-digit plus ratio is never easy, and some “free” points will be lost.

Penn State 2023 Predictions, Penn State Schedule:

Game #3, at Illinois will be interesting.  The Illini was excellent defensively in 2022, and even though they lost some talent, this could be a tough test for the new QB.  Iowa is next, and that team always fields an above average defense.  Is this just a split? 

Perhaps they menace Ohio St (as usual), but in the end it looks like the host Buckeyes will come out ahead.  I show three more challenging November games. 

This is Maryland’s best roster in quite some time.  Will they hold serve at home vs. PSU?  How is PSU’s defense holding up?  Is Michigan vulnerable in any area?  Since this is a PSU home game, this looks like a tossup.  Finally, the finale “at” Michigan St (Detroit) has been occasionally tricky.  Much depends on how that team looks, as we generally know what to expect out of the Nittany Lions.

Penn State Football Bottom Line:

A split of games at Illinois and home to Iowa likely means 6-2 heading to Maryland. 

Out of deference to this team’s stability in taking care of business as well as showing no glaring roster issues, let’s call this 9-3, but if turnovers regress too much and/or QB Allar takes a bit of time to develop, the record may top out at 8-4. 

I’m not sleeping on this team, but 9/16 and 9/23 results are critical as I form my overall assessment after the mandatory four-game start.

Penn State Football HANDICAPPING TIP:

I’ll try to look dog 9/23 vs. Iowa, and PSU 11/18 vs. Rutgers.  I have conflicting data in several games, which is unfortunate.  

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