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Gianni the Greek

Gianni the Greek

SLASHED! Bet with Ace 90 Day Pass + Conference Calls

SLASHED! The $999 90-Day-All-Access Pass, PLUS Steamroom Access for a limited time, is discounted down to $749, coming out to JUST $8.32 per day!

This special offer will get you the rest of March Madness, NBA Regular Season, the entire NBA Playoffs, NHL regular season, entire NHL Playoffs, 90 days of MMA, 90 days of MLB, and ANY other sport and play he released during your access!

Gianni the Greek has a long-term standing at WagerTalk and holds the following All-Time records:

#1 All-Time in Total Profit 
#1 All-Time in MLB
#1 All-Time in Boxing
#2 All-Time in WNBA
#2 All-Time in College Football 
#2 All-Time in Golf 
#3 All-Time in NFL
#4 All-Time in Soccer 
#4 All-Time MLS
#5 All-Time in Motor Sports

This program will be a real-time service that includes weekly video conference calls to discuss handicapping strategy and proper bankroll management. 
Includes acess to the weekly Q&A with Ace (BWA #SteamRoom Archives:


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