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Don Buster

Don Buster

(775) Saskatchewan Roughriders at (776) Edmonton Elks

(775) Saskatchewan Roughriders at (776) Edmonton Elks
June 8, 2024 4PM EDT
Play Rating:
4% – Saskatchewan Roughriders +1.5 (-115)

Our selection is on the Saskatchewan Roughriders plus 1 1 /2

We were going to wait a little longer to see if this came back to close to where it started but we are actually fine with a pk here. We will of course take the 1 1 /2 that’s at DK now. We actually wanted to grab the 3 1 /2 at opening and it was gone before anyone could actually get it. Then 2 1 /2 showed but again only a few shops had it. Really trying to make sure this yr that our all-access clients can get what we put out. Which tends to be tough in the line changing CFL. So here we are on Saturday morning at this number. Since this is just going to all-access you all know we like the Roughriders to have a good season. We really think that they are going to be better than Edmonton, probably by a lot, but this will be a scrappy game today. One of the reasons we are on Saskatchewan today. No WR Kyran Moore and No Brett Boyko, this could make things tough for Bethel-Thompson. You must also remember on the defensive side the Elks lost A.C. Leonard and Jake Ceresna. That is 24 sacks that will not be easy to replace. New Saskatchewan HC Corey Mace may just pound the football as we have seen this philosophy work in the first two games of the CFL season already. Ouellette is a beast and they also have rookie FB Ratkovich. This could be a long day for the Elks run D. It is Week 1 but the game was time changed for the entire city to focus on hockey. That believe it or not could be a small issue for Edmonton. We like that the Roughriders have no distractions for the game. The only one I see is to start the season out on the right winning note. Saskatchewan won in Edmonton last year in the first game of the season and we will look for history to repeat itself.

So lets get the job done with the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Don Buster

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