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Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels

(929) Los Angeles Dodgers at (930) New York Yankees

(929) Los Angeles Dodgers at (930) New York Yankees
June 8, 2024 7PM EDT
Play Rating:
4% – Los Angeles Dodgers +110 G Stone (RHP), N Cortes (LHP) Must Start

4% LA Dodgers (+110) over NY Yankees — w/ Stone & Cortes — 

This is an interesting one between two of the best teams in the league, but I think there is a lot of value to be had on the Dodgers as an underdog here in this game. 

Gavin Stone is on the mound and has been impressive on the road. The Dodgers are 3-1 in his 4 road starts and he has put up some quality numbers, 1.17 ERA w/ a WHIP < 1.000. He has now thrown B2B outings w/o allowing an ER and he is back by a red hot bullpen (1.59 ERA / 0.882 WHIP in the L7 games). 

The Dodgers have also dominated LHP, going 17-7 TY, including 4-1 in the L5 @ A vs. LHP w/ ERA < 4.00. They are a perfect 8-0 in the L2Y vs. AL SP w/ ERA ≤ 3.70 and this Yankees team has lost B2B games @ H vs. SP w/ ERA < 3.00. 

Not to mention the Yankees bullpen has struggled a little bit at home this season. 

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