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Scott Rickenbach

Scott Rickenbach

(511) Denver Nuggets at (512) Minnesota Timberwolves

(511) Denver Nuggets at (512) Minnesota Timberwolves
May 12, 2024 8PM EDT
Play Rating:
4% – (511) Denver Nuggets at (512) Minnesota Timberwolves Total Over 204.5 (-110)

4* Rotation #511: NBA Sunday 4* OVER 204.5 in Minnesota Timberwolves vs Denver Nuggets @ 8 ET - The Nuggets played with more aggression in Game 3 and played a little faster pace and it paid big dividends with a road win in which they scored 117 points. The Timberwolves played slower and it cost them dearly. They did not have that same energy and did not play in spurts of faster pace like they did in Games 1 and 2 when they scored 106 points in each game even though they were on the road. So, the point is, both teams can be expected to push the tempo here. It worked so well for Denver in Game 3 they want to repeat it here plus Edwards for the Wolves wants to lead a bounce back effort here and will also help Karl-Anthony Towns get more involved again as well. As a result, Minny plays faster and scores much better than they did in the dismal Game 3 effort. However, Denver matches them bucket for bucket as the Game 3 slip-up for the T-Wolves has awakened the sleeping giant. Indeed the Champions know they are right back in this series and got some swagger back by dominating on the road in Game 3. That leads to an enticing Game 4 match-up that is going to feature some big-game efforts from the stars in this one. Jokic and Murray for the Nuggets trading buckets all night with Towns and Edwards for the Timberwolves and the points plie up in this one. Yes these are two solid teams defensively but this posted total is set too low even with factoring in the playoff adjusment on totals. In the regular season both these teams were top 10 in terms of overall shooting percentage and 3-point shooting percentage! Great tempo in this game and I expect both teams to be around the 110 mark in points for this one in a highly entertaining affair. 4* OVER 204.5 in Minnesota

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