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Decades ago, talking about the betting line and who the wise guys liked in a game was practically taboo. Now, you can't turn on a sports talk radio station or highlights show without hearing about odds and picks against the spread. If you're looking for a Las Vegas opinion for your regional or national production, the team at WagerTalk has you covered with detailed analysis and expertise from true betting professionals that have been doing this for years.

Marco D’Angelo: @MarcoInVegas
Marco has been featured as a guest handicapper on several radio shows, including numerous ESPN regional and national shows, YAHOO! Sports Radio, Sports Overnight America, as well as appearing on shows covering regional teams in both college and pro sports. Marco was a co-host of a successful Las Vegas show for several years and is also the go-to-guy for horse racing information.

Ralph Michaels: @CalSportsLV
Ralph spent over 15 years at both Northcoast Sports and Phil Steele Publications, becoming not only the General Manger of both companies but also handling the NC Sports duties of lead handicapper. From the gaming standpoint, Ralph was the editor of both the Power Sweep and Power Plays newsletters. As the GM of Phil Steele Publications, Ralph oversaw the daily operations while assisting in writing for the magazine. Ralph was an integral part of preparing All-Conference and All-American team, as well as assisting in the conference forecasts. Ralph’s expertise earned him a vote for almost every major college football award, including a Heisman vote for his last seven years at Phil Steele Publications.

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