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Andrew McInnis

Andrew McInnis

(13) Edmonton Oilers at (14) Florida Panthers

(13) Edmonton Oilers at (14) Florida Panthers
June 10, 2024 8PM EDT
Play Rating:
3% – (13) Edmonton Oilers at (14) Florida Panthers Edmonton Oilers Total Over 2.5 (-120)

Edmonton Oilers Total Over 2.5 (-120)…(3%)

They say not to overreact to one game and this series is the perfect example of it. The Florida Panthers won 3-0, but the Oilers played the better game. How does that make sense? Well, it doesn't always matter what the analytics say, it's what happens on the ice, and Sergei Bobrovsky had an incredible game for the Panthers becoming the oldest goalie in history to get a Stanley Cup Final shutout. The final analytical numbers were: 5.61 EDM 1.88 FLA – But Florida WON 3-0? These numbers are all based on expected goals and advanced metrics determining goal-scoring situations. 

The Oilers out-shot the Panthers 32-18 and practically beat the Panthers in every category besides hitting. The Oilers had a ton of chances and seemed to be using their speed advantage in a big way. The Oilers PP went 0/3 last game and they've had the best PP all playoffs, if this team gets the chances they got and continues to use their speed like they have all playoffs long, I believe we'll see several goals for the Oilers, making the team total a must bet. 

The way to know if this Oilers team is playing well is by seeing if the depth players are creating goal-scoring chances, and that's exactly what we saw from them. Not only Did Leon and Connor have a great game, despite not finding the score sheet, but several other plays created offensive chances including third-line players. 

I don't always buy into the analytics to paint a picture, but when the expected goal numbers are THIS DIFFERENT, it's worth noticing. 


The play: Oilers TT OVER 2.5 




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