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Dave Cokin

Dave Cokin

(977) Cleveland Guardians at (978) Miami Marlins

(977) Cleveland Guardians at (978) Miami Marlins
June 9, 2024 1PM EDT
Play Rating:
3% – (977) Cleveland Guardians at (978) Miami Marlins 1H Total Over 5.0 (+100) C Carrasco (RHP), T Rogers (LHP) Must Start

I am seeing 4.5 -125 and 5 +100 here wirh the Over 5 at the even money being the more widely available, so that is the number that will be used for grading purposes. Anytime one is considering an Over with the Marlins, a little of the enthusiasm has to be tempered due to their lousy offense. But the negative team stuff on the Miami side is offset by the better than average data on the Guardians side, both situationally and on recency. As for the starting pitching, the figures are all tilted to the Over. This is the ugliest Sunday hookup on the board between qualified SP's as both Carrasco and Rogers are strictly mediocre with very few above average starts between the two of them. I expect offense from both sides here and even at 5 I'm am comfortable with an Over bet. I don't want to need scoring late against the very strong Cleveland pen so I am staying with the F5 play on the Over in this one.

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