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Scott Rickenbach

Scott Rickenbach

(951) New York Mets at (952) Philadelphia Phillies

(951) New York Mets at (952) Philadelphia Phillies
June 9, 2024 10AM EDT
Play Rating:
2% – Philadelphia Phillies -134 Action

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2* Rotation #952: MLB Sunday 2* Philadelphia Phillies Money Line -134 vs New York Mets @ 10:10 AM ET in London, UK - The Phillies did it again with a 7-2 win yesterday and now are the designated home team for Game 2 of this 2-game set after the Mets were the home team for yesterday's game here. The Mets are only 8-18 against teams that currently have a winning record on the season. The Phillies started this season 8-8 and have since gone 37-11! When you can take a team in the -135 range that is winning 77% of its games over a 7-week stretch it is generally a good proposition to say the least! In terms of bullpen WHIP the Phillies rank 13th and the Mets rank 22nd. The Mets are on a long-term 15-28 run. In terms of runs scored the Phillies are ranked 2nd in the NL and the Mets are ranked 9th in the NL. In terms of the starting pitching here, this is another one of those case where you get line value with one of the best teams in the majors just because they have a starting pitcher on the mound who has had some issues. Yes, Taijuan Walker has struggled often this season including a tougher recent start versus the Mets - a former team of his. However, Walker struggled in his 1st start versus the Mets last season and then dominated them in all of the other 3 starts against them the rest of the way. Also, it is not like the Mets are going with an ace here. New York is turning to Jose Quintana and he is 1-5 with a 5.17 ERA this season. He had a 7.20 ERA in May after a decent start to the season and then also struggled in his only start this month so far. Either way, I am going action on pitchers as per usual and riding the team on a 37-11 run over the team on a 15-28 run! 2* PHILADELPHIA -134

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