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Scott Rickenbach

Scott Rickenbach

(13) Edmonton Oilers at (14) Florida Panthers

(13) Edmonton Oilers at (14) Florida Panthers
June 10, 2024 8PM EDT
Play Rating:
5% – Edmonton Oilers +125

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5* Rotation #13: NHL Monday 5* Edmonton Oilers Money Line +125 @ Florida Panthers @ 8 ET - The Oilers lost Game 1 by a 3-0 count. However, they outshot the Panthers 32 to 18 for the game including 25 to 12 in the first two periods! Edmonton fell behind by a 2-0 count entering the 3rd period and then tacked on a late empty netter with just a couple ticks left on the clock. The 3-0 final sounds bad but, as anyone who watched the game knows, Edmonton played well but just had missed opportunities. Hats off to Florida goalie Bobrovsky for making some big saves but the Oilers also will cash in more of those in Game 2 of this series. Edmonton will makes some adjustments off the loss and they won't miss those types of opportunities again. The Oilers have been great coming off a loss. Certainly Edmonton had some sloppy play they wish whey could take back but the Panthers were far from perfect. Hence, the big edge on shots on goal in Game 1 also! Look for the Oilers to be a bit more physical in Game 2 as well after the Panthers out-hit them in Game 1. The Oilers are 6-1 L7 times when coming off a loss including 5-1 in this post-season. The Panthers have now won 3 straight home games but this followed them losing 3 of 4 on home ice. As I mentioned earlier in this post-season and it still has held up, the Oilers have not lost B2B games in the same venue in this post-season. In other words, when they have lost in their own barn, their very next game on home ice they have won every time. When they have lost on enemy ice, their very next game on that team's ice they have won every time. This situation is a combined 6-0 so far in this post-season for the Oilers and after Game 2 on Monday I expect it will be a perfect 7-0 in these plays for the Oil! 5* EDMONTON +125

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