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Rob Veno

Rob Veno

(775) Saskatchewan Roughriders at (776) Edmonton Elks

(775) Saskatchewan Roughriders at (776) Edmonton Elks
June 8, 2024 7PM EDT
Play Rating:
3% – (775) Saskatchewan Roughriders at (776) Edmonton Elks Total Over 46.0 (-110)

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(775) Saskatchewan Roughriders at (776) Edmonton Elks   (Game Analysis Below)

Play Rating: 3% 

Play Type: Full Game Total

Play: Total Over 46.0 (-110)

Date/Time: Jun 8, 2024 7:00 PM EDT / Line Provider: Draft Kings


3% Saskatchewan @ Edmonton

Cashed a bunch of “over” tickets with these teams last season mostly due to Edmonton’s mid season switch to dual threat QB Tre Ford and Saskatchewan’s scoreboard churning second halves. Ford stepped in and the Elks immediately went on a 5-2 “over” run while Saskatchewan had an 8-0 “over” streak between week #9 & week #17. Neither team was good defensively which certainly helped and not sure they’re significantly improved this season. In their September meeting last season 63 points were scored as Edmonton ran for 265 (8.0 ypc) and the Roughriders threw for 270. Can see the latter happening again here as Riders veteran QB Trevor Harris is back under center after missing the final 13 games due to injury. His apparent return to form combined with an improved OL, the acquisition of RB A.J. Oulette and a solid receiving corps make the offense their strength. Edmonton’s personnel overhaul on defense likely to lack cohesion and stabilty here in Week #1 making this a solid matchup advantage for the Roughriders. Need Elks offense now led by McLeod Bethel-Thompson to be potent in this one. 35 year old Bethel-Thompson who has played in multiple leagues including the CFL is a pocket passer and a lot of the rushing damage Edmonton did last year was due to QB Ford’s legs. They could become a dangerous pair if HC Chris Jones & OC Jarious Jackson choose that route. Weaponry is there to exploit Saskatchewan’s defense which is still in grass roots process. Early season offense sometimes tough to come by but offenses are explosive enough to prey on these vulnerable defenses and exceed the asking price.             

Play: Total Over 46.0 (-110)

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