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Rob Veno

Rob Veno

(501) Dallas Mavericks at (502) Boston Celtics

(501) Dallas Mavericks at (502) Boston Celtics
June 6, 2024 8PM EDT
Play Rating:
4% – (501) Dallas Mavericks at (502) Boston Celtics Total Over 214.5 (-110)


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(501) Dallas Mavericks at (502) Boston Celtics  (Game Analysis Below) 

Play Rating: 4% 

Play Type: Full Game Total

Play: Total Over 214.5 (-110)

Date/Time: Jun 6, 2024 8:30 PM / Line Provider: Consensus Line


4% Dallas @ Boston

Sports & sports betting have a lot of adages and one of the steadiest is “you don’t know it until you see it at game speed”. Applying that here to the Boston defense which is heavily respected (rightfully so) but in this spot they likely can’t simulate the level of this current Dallas offense in practice. The Mavericks were in only their 6th game together with Daniel Gafford & P.J. Washington and the offensive cohesiveness now three months later is dramatically different. The improved scoring diversity gives the Celtics much more to defend especially at the rim where they’re not as equipped as they are on the perimeter. Other side of the coin has Dallas and their significantly better defense in a potential bind since they’re strength has been packing the paint and allowing three point shots. Can be a destructive style to play vs. the Celtics who are the NBA’s #1 three point shooting team in attempts & 3pt FG%. Boston’s drop coverage, Dallas’ load up the interior philosophies can each be exploited here and figure they’re each going to use Game #1 as a test to see how much of it if any they can get away with. Series adjustments will be coming but each likely to dance with what brought them here. Stars on the floor are un-guardable at times which gives this even more of an “over” look. Million dollar “rust or rest” question always answered with 20/20 hindsight but here going to side with matchups as the overriding factor. Teams put up 248 & 229 with Boston winning 138-110 here in TD Garden where they’re averaging 121.8 ppg (second best in NBA) and they’re 6-2 “over” in this building during the playoffs. Look for this to land in the 218+ neighborhood.  

Play: Total Over 214.5 (-110)


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