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Andrew McInnis

Andrew McInnis

(773) Hamilton Tiger-Cats at (774) Calgary Stampeders

(773) Hamilton Tiger-Cats at (774) Calgary Stampeders
June 7, 2024 9PM EDT
Play Rating:
3% – (773) Hamilton Tiger-Cats at (774) Calgary Stampeders Total Under 47.0 (-110)

Ti-Cats/Stamps Total Under 47.0 (-110)

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders finished around the middle of the pack as far as their defensive numbers are concerned in 2023. Hamilton finished allowing the fifth most points in the league and the Stampeders gave up the sixth most points in the league, but with that being said I'm confident both teams have addressed the defensive issues in the off-season, especially the Tiger-Cats, who made plenty of changes with some of their new additions, a big one being Jamal Peters who should make an immediate impact. 

Defence aside, I'm more concerned about the offences that these teams hold. On one side you have a quarterback that can't seem to get healthy, Bo-Levi Mitchell, who has been dealing with injuries for many years and missed a large portion of last season after signing a contract with Hamilton. On the other side, Jake Maier is the QB for Calgary, who took over for the Stampeders after Bo-Levi moved on, and has struggled. I have not been impressed with Maier since he's taken over as the #1 guy in Calgary. The Stamps finished with the sixth most points in the CFL last year and everyone around them seems to have gotten better, but not them. Maier seems to struggle in the red zone, and overall struggles when facing a ton of pressure, which is something he's had to deal with since the Stamps have a weak O-Line, and I expect Hamilton to expose that. The Stamps are a big dink-and-dunk team that doesn't go deep downfield very often. The Stamps use their RBs as pass catchers quite often and they throw check-downs more than anyone, which takes time off the clock and makes their possessions very lengthy. 

When I saw the 47 total posted for this game, I was quite shocked, especially with it being week 1. Sure, these defences got exposed a few times last year and sure, Bo-Levi is Healthy, but do we expect Hamilton to try and make him push the ball downfield right away in his first game? I don't think so. What about Jake Maier and his new running back room? Will they be able to establish the run? I'm not so sure. 

This game will see a lot of long drives end in field goals, which will help out big time with our Under 47. Despite getting preseason reps, you can't replicate regular-season gameplay and that's why I believe 47 points is just a bit too much for this match-up in Calgary. 

Play the UNDER in 773/774 Hamilton/Calgary. 


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