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Scott Rickenbach

Scott Rickenbach

(955) Philadelphia Phillies at (956) Miami Marlins

(955) Philadelphia Phillies at (956) Miami Marlins
May 10, 2024 7PM EDT
Play Rating:
2% – Philadelphia Phillies -192 Action

2* Rotation #955 MLB Friday 2* Philadelphia Phillies -192 @ Miami Marlins @ 7:10 ET - I know this line is pricey but I hate getting burned on the run line at -1.5 runs when a team wins by 1. It has happened enough to me that I generally stay away from that as much as possible. So in this case, for money management purposes, we reduce our rating to a 2* play and that is still laying a smaller amount of risk than, for example, a 4* at a normal -110 price. That said, no hesitation for me here as the Phillies have a huge pitching edge and huge overall edge here. Suarez is 6-0 with a 1.72 ERA for the Phillies. Rogers is 0-5 with a 6.15 ERA for the Marlins! Also, Miami is one of the worst hitting teams in the league while Philadelphia is one of the best. The Phillies are off a loss and have gone 9-1 last 10 times when off a loss. They have been one of the best teams in baseball this season while the Marlins have been one of the worst. The Marlins are 5-15 this season at home. The Phillies are 11-5 when on the road this season. Given numbers like this, one could easily argue the price on Philly should be much higher here and that is why I am getting involved here. Look for a road rout here per all of the above but, again, I am adverse to run lines generally speaking and so we'll reduce our rating and lay the money line price here. 2* PHILADELPHIA -192

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