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(971) Los Angeles Angels at (972) Miami Marlins: Jesus Luzardo Strikeouts Thrown

(971) Los Angeles Angels at (972) Miami Marlins: Jesus Luzardo Strikeouts Thrown
April 2, 2024 6PM EDT
Play Rating:
1.5% – Jesus Luzardo Strikeouts Thrown Over 6.5 (-120)

This play lines up with our bet on the over in yesterday's matchup between the Marlins and Angels. We're five days into the season and Miami's bullpen is already begging for a breather. After a pair of extra inning games against the Pirates, Miami's bullpen threw 91 pitches in yesterday's loss to the Angels. Every key arm out of Miami's bullpen has already made 3+ appearances this season. Unless (god forbid...knock on wood) Jesus Luzardo suffers an injury tonight, you can safely pencil him in for 6+ innings tonight because the Marlins can't afford to burn through their entire bullpen six games into the season. Luzardo is going to receive the necessary innings and pitches to reach this mark. Luzardo had eight strikeouts on Opening Day against the Pirates, so he's loose and ready to go out of Spring Training. Taylor Ward, Mike Trout and Brandon Drury are the only three Angels that have any meaningful experience against Luzardo, so he's got the benefit of surprise on his side against a chunk of the lineup that has never seen him before. Those three that we did mention have seven strikeouts in 17 plate appearances against Luzardo. 

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