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Andrew McInnis

Andrew McInnis

(37) Florida Panthers at (38) Toronto Maple Leafs

(37) Florida Panthers at (38) Toronto Maple Leafs
April 1, 2024 7PM EDT
Play Rating:
4% – Florida Panthers -125

Florida Panthers -125…(4%) Good to -131

One team is overachieving in its current form, and one is underachieving in its current form; tonight, I'm looking to back the hungrier team at a very reasonable price. This is very likely a first-round playoff match-up, so it's bound to have the playoff intensity, physicality and chippiness that comes with it, which, as we all know and found out last spring, certainly benefits the Florida Panthers. 

Despite dealing with some critical injuries right now, the Leafs have been able to battle adversity and get some decent results lately. Still, I firmly believe with the way this Florida Panthers team plays, how they make it very hard to enter their zone, and how physical they are in front of their net, they will make things very difficult on a Monday Night in Toronto for the Leafs. Although it was way back in November the Leafs defeated the Panthers 2-1, the stats say the Panthers drastically outplayed them, winning the shot battle 39-32, winning the expected goals battle, and if it wasn't for six power plays for the Leafs, I believe we would've seen a different result. 

With this game having a playoff feel, Florida looking to get back into form, and the Maple Buds missing several forwards and blueliners, the Panthers will get the best of them tonight. 

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