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Andy Lang

Andy Lang

(24661) Loopy Godinez at (24662) Virna Jandiroba

(24661) Loopy Godinez at (24662) Virna Jandiroba
March 30, 2024 9PM EDT
Play Rating:
2% – Jandiroba +3.5 point spread vs Loopy -170

Jandiroba +3.5 vs Loopy -170



I think Jandiroba has a real shot at winning this fight. She has the better striking, better Jiu-jitsu and most importantly gas tank. Loopy may win round 1 through wrestling but if Jandiroba can work her and tag with some striking she will gas fast. For this play we basically only need Jandiroba to win 1 round if everything goes right. 7/8 have gone distance for Loopy with some split decisions in there to. If Loopy is up 2 rounds she will coast and fight to survive round 3.


Meaning of +3.5

If a fighter wins via KO/Submission/DQ then the point spread on that fighter is a winning bet. If the fight requires a decision via the judges’ scorecards, the point spread will be applied to the fighter’s combined total points. For example, in a 3-round fight that requires a decision via the judges’ scorecards, if all 3 judges scored the fight 29-28 for Fighter (X) and the point spread is Fighter X -3.5, Fighter X is the loser and Fighter Y with a point spread of +3.5 is the winner

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