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Andy Lang

Andy Lang

(24641) Melissa Gatto at (24642) Victoria Dudakova

(24641) Melissa Gatto at (24642) Victoria Dudakova
March 30, 2024 8PM EDT
Play Rating:
2% – Melissa Gatto -155
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I’m a fan of Dudakova and I’ve won money betting on her Contender Series and two UFC fights, but I can’t say I was impressed with her last performance against Frey, who is pretty bad.  Dudakova’s striking is not good, and Frey was able to take her down early in the second round and hold her there for most of the round, but Dudakova pulled out round three for a lackluster win.  The fight before that only lasted 35 seconds as Dudakov’s opponent dislocated her elbow on a fluke injury so we haven’t really seen her fight anyone remotely close to Gatto’s  Gatto can be so frustrating as she has the physical tools, but her fight IQ is really bad, and she fights down to her opponents, and it’s cost her two wins in a row.  However, Gatto’s striking is light years better than Dudakova’s and the ground game from Dudakkova doesn’t worry me as Gatto can wrestle, and Dudakova got held down for a long time by Frey.  The other thing in play is that Dudakova is moving up a weight class so I believe Gatto will be bigger on fight night.  Gatto has fought better competition, and at weighins and faceoffs she looked like she's in the best shape of her life.  Gatto is the play, and I love this one.

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