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Rob Veno

Rob Veno

(643) NC State at (644) Marquette

(643) NC State at (644) Marquette
March 29, 2024 7PM EDT
Play Rating:
3% – (643) NC State at (644) Marquette Total Over 151.0 (-110)

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(643) NC State at (644) Marquette   (Game Analysis Below)

Play Rating: 3%

Play Type: Full Game Total

Play: Total Over 151.0 (-110)

Date/Time: Mar 29, 2024 7:09 PM / Line Provider: Consensus


North Carolina State vs. Marquette – NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 / South Regional-Dallas, TX 

Marquette PG Tyler Kolek Will Get To The Rim

Kolek went 10/13 from 2 pt range vs. Colorado which is very similar to NC State height & size wise on the interior (Eddie Lampkin & Tristan DeSilva) – (D.J. Burns & Mohammed Diarra) 

Diarra is a superior shot blocker but in this matchup he probably has to go out and get Marquette 3 pt shooting 6’8” stretch forward David Joplin    

Tech had Darion Williams (2/6 from 3) & Oakland didn’t have anyone

Texas Tech vs NC State:  

Texas Tech Guard tandem of Pop Isaacs (1-10) & Joe Touissant (1-7) went a combined 2/17/11.8% from 3

But Tech’s 3 G’s (Chance McMilan included) went 10/19/52.6% from 2

Oakland vs NC State:

Oakland does not penetrate to the rim…they launch from 3

Only 6’6” Trey Townsend (9/22) took any significant amount of shots from 2 point range

Marquette Will Push Tempo

Open floor game with pace somewhat diminishes Diarra as well and likely fatigues Burns – Ben Middlebrooks is like Diarra 

NC State HC Kevin Keatts Prefers To Play Up Tempo As Well 

Wolfpack adjusted tempo rating sits at methodical looking middle of the pack #147…BUT… 

That’s because their average length of defensive possession is the 302nd longest (18.0 seconds) in the nation

Marquette’s offensive pace figures to change that tonight as their style should prevent 40 minutes of NC State half court sets

Final Look

Marquette has shown in their first 2 games of this tournament that they’re going to push pace which should get NC State out of their preferred half court defensive sets

NC State PG D.J. Horne can be just as explosive scoring wise as his Marquette counterpart Tyler Kolek

MU likely to have the offensive components to get Kolek plenty of driving layup opportunities similar to their previous Colorado game

NC State has scored 73+ points in 8 straight games and in the only 3 games they played in that stretch vs. tempo driven teams all landed 152+

Play:  North Carolina State-Marquette OVER 151


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