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Pavlos Laguretos

Pavlos Laguretos

(201861) Granada CF at (201862) Cadiz

(201861) Granada CF at (201862) Cadiz
March 29, 2024 4PM EDT
Play Rating:
1% – REGULATION Red Card Awarded +220

Cadiz vs Granada
La Liga, Friday, 4pm ET

Play: Over 5.5 Cards
Odds at Time of Release: -110
Line Parameter: Playable to -125

Huge relegation battle in the La Liga on Friday, as Cadiz will host Granada, with both teams sitting below the red zone of relegation, so this match is an absolutely MUST win for both teams. Relegation battles in the La Liga always produce a lot of cards, and these two have been engaged in a lot of relegation battles in recent years, often producing a lot of cards. In fact, the reverse fixture had 9 cards (1 red), and there's now been Over 5.5 Cards in each of L/4 H2H matches, with ALL 4 also producing a Red Card. 

Cadiz get the 2nd most yellow cards in the LA Liga with 2.86/game and the 2nd most red cards with 6 in 29 matches. Granada get an average of 2.44 cards/match which is a pretty good number. 

Referee Guillermo Cuadra has an average of 5.85 cards/match in La Liga matches this season, and an average of 6 cards/match in all competitions combined. He is on a 9-2 run to the Over 5.5 Cards, and 11-3 in L/14 matches. 

Take 2u on the Over 5.5 Cards -110

There's been a red card in each of L/4 H2H matches (including the reverse fixture earlier in the season), Cadiz have the 2nd most red cards in the season, and this referee has given the 2nd most red cards in the La Liga this season, with 6 in 14 matches, while last season he gave 12 red cards in 17 La Liga matches. 

Take 1u on the Red Card Awarded +220

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