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Jimmy Adams

Jimmy Adams

(979) Cleveland Guardians at (980) Oakland Athletics

(979) Cleveland Guardians at (980) Oakland Athletics
March 29, 2024 9PM EDT
Play Rating:
3% – Cleveland Guardians -133 L Allen (LHP), R Stripling (RHP) Must Start

It's going to be a long season in Oakland once again. The A’s finished at the bottom of the league last year in most metrics and started 2024 without scoring a run in yesterday’s 8-0 loss. They struck out over 25% of the time LY and didn’t do much to improve in the offseason. Ross Stripling is headed to the mound for game 2, a guy who has been injury prone with terrible analytics. He ranks near the bottom of the league in every major category except for walks, which is actually a disadvantage to him in this matchup. That’s because the Guardians hit for contact. While they would like to see more power this season, they’ve established themselves as a good “small ball” team that knows how to get on base. Logan Allen has great off-speed stuff, enough to keep the A’s out of rhythm as they go on to pick up another win tonight. Take the Guardians. 

3% Play on Guardians at -140 or better, 2% at worse than -140 


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