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Andy Lang

Andy Lang

Bare Knuckle Fighting

Bare Knuckle Fighting
March 29, 2024 10PM EDT
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3% – John Dodson -145 over Dagoberto Aguero
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I feel like Dodson was made for Bare Knuckle Fighting.  Watching his great footwork to avoid shots, but being able to put himself in position to land big shots is impressive, and then to see how accurate and powerful he is with his shot, it just feels like he found his perfect sports.  He’s 3-0 in BKFC, and currently the Champion, and I think he keeps his title against Aguero.  Aguero has power, but he’s still young and very cocky, and I could see this turning into a masterclass by Dodson.  Aguero only has one BKFC fight, and he looked good getting the third-round KO, but he’s sloppy.  He holds his hands down a lot, he retreats too much for my liking, and although he’s been in plenty of boxing matches, he’s lost his last two, and there are just too many holes in his movement and striking defense for him to overcome.  In his last boxing match, he got knocked out in the 2nd round when he tried to go toe to toe with a flurry of punches.  He couldn’t land, and his opponent landed over and over knocking him down twice before the stoppage.  What I saw in Aguero’s BKFC fight was that his opponent isn’t that good, and didn’t know how to exploit the weaknesses of Aguero.  Aguero’s opponent was Chance Wilson, and Wilson is 1-2 in his last three BKFC fights and stood at range and let Aguero’s length dictate the fight.  Dodson does a great job of staying out of range and then rushing in with his speed and power and it feels like a perfect recipe to frustrate and beat Aguero.   Aguero’s BKFC fight was only a few months ago so I’m not sure how much better he could have gotten.  If Dodson comes out focused, I expect him to win convincingly.

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