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Kyle Anthony

Kyle Anthony

(24629) Kyle Nelson at (24630) Bill Algeo

(24629) Kyle Nelson at (24630) Bill Algeo
March 31, 2024 1AM EDT
Play Rating:
2% – Loopy Godinez & Bill Algeo parlay (+120)

Loopy Godinez (-194) vs Virna Jandiroba:

Overall I'm pretty high on Loopy's skill set. She's got solid boxing, decent footwork and can offensively and defensibly wrestle. Virna will have the higher level grappling but pure wrestling I give the advantage to Loopy. In Virna's last 2 fights against Marina Rodriguez and Angela Hill she was able to get takedowns controlling the action winning by decision. Both those ladies can be controlled on the mat and took path of least resistance. Don't believe Virna will have that luxury banking rounds in top position Saturday night. Loopy should be able to defend takedowns or even implement her own takedowns as Virna slows down. Cardio appears to be a slight issue for Virna declining in footwork, pace and power. Loopy's displayed solid cardio and can push a high pace and striking volume. If this fight plays out on the feet I think the better boxing and faster hand speed will allow Loopy to work in space out landing Virna round by round. I believe at a high clip Loopy can bank rounds 2 and 3 as she lands more significant strikes. 


Bill Algeo (-220) vs Kyle Nelson: 

Over the first 6 bouts for Kyle Nelson in the UFC he was basically a punching bag. Going 1-4-1 (which the draw was a clear loss for Nelson) getting finished in 3 of the 4 losses and appeared he should be cut from the organization. Somehow Nelson is now a on 2 fight winning streak beating 2 young prospects in Blake Builder and Fernando Padilla. He was able to pressure forward on the more inexperienced fighters not allowing them to get comfortable in the pocket. It worked against those guys… but I don't believe it'll work against Bill Algeo's footwork, striking and grappling ability. On the feet is where Algeo should be able to pick Nelson apart including the high striking output. Billy lands over 6 significant strikes per minute basically doubling the landed strikes of Nelson for min. Working his angles and distance management behind his longer reach will cause problems for Nelson all fight. Plus add in the fact that Nelson has a negative striking differential, meaning he gets hit more than he lands on opponents. Backed by the high pace and speed advantages I don't see where Nelson has any success in this match up. Algeo has multiple paths to victory… he could work at distance for 3 rounds, he could seek takedowns utilizing his solid ground game or even find a finish. Billy won't make the mistakes those younger fighters did and he'll grab the dub in Atlantic City Saturday… which I'll be attending.


2% Client Play: Loopy Godinez & Bill Algeo parlay (+120)


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