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Ralph Michaels

Ralph Michaels

(637) Clemson at (638) Arizona

(637) Clemson at (638) Arizona
March 28, 2024 7PM EDT
Play Rating:
5% – ML Parlay Arizona with Marquette

5% ML Parlay Arizona with Marquette (1 unit pays .79)

Thursday 7:09 PM Arizona -310 Clemson

Friday 7:09 PM Marquette -285 NC St

A fade of  ACC teams that got here pulling upsets. I like both of these ATS-wise so parlaying them on the money line makes it 5% worthy.

While Clemson has won B2B games n the tourney it was as a 2pt dog and 4 pt dog and they are only shooting under 44% the L4 games. Arizona is 4-6 SU and 1-8 ATS when scoring 70 points or less but when they score 72+ as a favorite of -2 and higher they are 16-2.

Marquette is 17-1 SU including 10 straight wins vs teams with a win percentage under 66%.

NCSt is 4-10 vs top 55 offenses with Marquette being #19.

Marquette is 2-6 vs top 20 offenses but they are 25-3 vs offenses ranked 21+ with NCSt #42

March Madness dogs of +3 and higher off B2B upsets are 31.6% SU and dogs of 5+ are 28% SU. 


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