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Kyle Anthony

Kyle Anthony

(24605) Joaquin Buckley at (24606) Vicente Luque

(24605) Joaquin Buckley at (24606) Vicente Luque
March 31, 2024 1AM EDT
Play Rating:
5% – Joaquin Buckley +100

This is a situation were one fighter is on the rise and the other is declining with multiple levels of red flags. 

Not doubt Vicente Luque has been a fan favorite with exciting fights and absolute wars. A willingness to absorb shots in the pocket with limited defense becoming known for his legendary durability. Issue is… that doesn't last forever. The MMA milage has been piling up and 2 fights ago he took a life changing beating from The Hands Of Steel, Geoff Neal. Where Neal not only landed bomb after bomb on Vicente's chin but brutally finished him by knockout in round 3. After that fight Luque unfortunately experienced brain bleeding and his career in MMA was in question. After a year layoff Luque came back to face an aging 39 year old vet in Rafael Dos Anjos. There was a complete change in Vicente's game as he pushed a very high offensive wrestling path. Landing 8 takedowns (most by far he's landed in one fight) on Dos Anjos controlling the action to a decision win. After the fight Vicente discussed how he was worried about getting hit clean, which is why he opted for a wrestle heavy gameplan. Definitely something you don't want to hear on a guy you're placing your money on. While Joaquin Buckley appears to be elevating fight after fight evolving as a mixed martial artist. In the past he'd seek big power shots repeatedly with limited set ups only using his high level athleticism. Now Buckley's having a more diverse attack, being patient in the pocket and mixing in his own takedowns keeping opponents off balance. Utilizing his explosiveness and athletic abilities at the right time with quick developing combinations. This was on display in his most recent bout against a tough Alex Morono in which it was one of his best performances. Controlled the action at range, out landing Morono and working in a couple takedowns. A well rounded attack. The massive red flag on Luque is no doubt a durability concern but also the fact he's very hitable in the pocket and will be overly timid in exchanges toe to toe. I believe Buckley will have a large striking advantage on the feet with heavier handed shots favoring the striking, movement and power of Buckley on the feet. Add in the physicality and strength advantages also point towards Buckley I sense it plays out on the feet and Buckley either finds a finish or outworks Luque at range over 3 rounds. Believe Buckley should be a much bigger favorite in this spot and has all the tool to grab the dub. 



5% Max Bet: Joaquin Buckley +100


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