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BKFC 58 Bulgaria Predictions, Picks and Betting Odds March 22

BKFC 59 Predictions

BKFC 58 Bulgaria Betting Preview

WagerTalk handicapper Andy Lang gives his BKFC 58 Bulgaria predictions and picks for March 22nd with Toni Markulev and Kaloyan Kolev headlining in the main event. The card starts up at 4:00pm ET from Arena Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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BKFC 58 Bulgaria Main Event: Kaloyan Kolev vs Toni Markulev

Friday, March 22BKFC 58 Bulgaria Betting Notes (Courtesy of Caesars)
Moneyline:Toni Markulev -240 vs Kaloyan Kolev +190
Fight Time:Main Card Starts at 4:00pm ET / 1:00pm PT
Arena:Arena Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria

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BKFC 58 Bulgaria Predictions

Vaso Bakocevic -160 vs Ramadan Noaman +130

Bakocevic has apparently never said no to a fight because he’s 34 years old with over 65 fights under his belt. Most are against terrible fighters, and most have ended early as he loves knocking out bad fighters.

IN his last MMA fight, he tried to get the opponent to strike, and the opponent just pushed him up against the fence until he got the submission finish, but we don’t have to worry about that here. Bakovic’s previous fight was a bare knuckle fight in the ARMADA promotion, and he won, but he fights really strange.

He stays way at distance and taunts his opponents, then jumps in with jabs and punches. Noaaman is younger and more athletic, but he seems to be more of a takedown guy as opposed to a striker.

I can’t find much from Noaman recently, but Bakocevic’s experience makes me lean to him, but I can’t stand the taunting and nonsense that he does in the fights so I won’t be betting on this fight.

Nicole Schaefer -500 vs Daniela Graf +375

I’ve noticed that the female big favorites in BKFC seem to be way better than their opponents, and they’ve been great parlay pieces for us. I’m pretty sure Schaefer is better and should win, but this fight could be closer than the odds suggest.

Graf is 0-3 in kickboxing with all fights going to decision, and I’m not so sure she lost the last fight. She has decent striking, and a good guard, but she tires out, and here’s the thing… those fights were 6+ years ago.

Graf is 41 years old, and I can’t imagine her cardio and striking has gotten better. Schaefer is 27 years old, has cardio for days, and is 3-0 in boxing so she has the boxing experience and the big youth and cardio advantage.

Graf would have to KO Schaefer early, and I don’t see that happening so I see round one being competitive, and then Shaefer pulling away the longer the fight goes.

BKFC 58 Breakdowns, Tips, Bets, Predictions-Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Athanasios Zampelos vs Emil Enchev

When rounds come out, take the under, you don’t need to look at the odds to win. Either of these guys could knock the other out, and I expect a first-round KO.

Zampelos has only one fight, and he came out quick with forward pressure until he got taken down and ground and pounded out.

His opponent hasn’t fought anyone, and this reminds me of the Moegenburg fight last week where there was a newcomer to BKFC against a guy who had never fought before and it was kill or be killed and the fight lasted 30 seconds. Take the under in this fight.

Felipe Maia -260 vs Angel Petkov +200

I think the underdog has a really good chance in this fight. Maia is WILD, and he swings with bad intentions, but when he misses he’s wide open to counterstrikes.

He won his last fight by second-round knockout, but he was wobbled several times, and he was fighting a much smaller fighter.

Petkov has BKFC experience, and he has a good guard, I could see him blocking the wild shots of Maia and clipping him with a solid jab or hook when Maia leaves his chin so wide open. Petkov is patient, and I think he just needs to weather the early storm and he can pull off the upset here.

BKFC 58 Bulgaria Main Event: Toni Markulev -240 vs Kaloyan Kolev +190

Kolev is 12-1 in professional fights, with his one loss being to Armen Petrosyan on Contender Series. He has a win in Bare Knuckle, and it’s one of the most bizarre wins you’ll ever see.

His opponent wore the wrong shoes, and was slipping around so much they stopped the fight so he gets credit for a KO win by shoe malfunction.

From what I did see, his striking is fine, and he’s no stranger to succeeding in fights. His opponent, Markulev last fought in 2019, and he has never fought in BKFC, and he looks to be more of a wrestler than a striker, but he’s intense and strong.

He moves forward a lot and pressures, and he looks like an all-or-nothing fighter, but there are a lot of unknowns with both of these guys.

I would lean Kolev because he’s in fighting shape, and he’s done BKFC before, but when rounds come out I would take the under. These guys look like they are going to throw hard and often early.


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