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Catching Freedom Predictions, Picks, & Odds – Kentucky Derby Horses Projections 2024


Hi I’m Marco D’Angelo I have owned and Bred Race Horses since 1989 and I’m going to be Previewing this Year’s Kentucky Derby Horses today let’s look at Catching Freedom! Watch Marco’s video below.

Catching Freedom Stats

125 Points – Trainer Brad Cox Jockey Flavien Prat
575,000 Purchase as a Yearling
5 career starts 3-0-1 – 802,000 in Earnings

2024 Kentucky Derby Contenders Betting Preview | Catching Freedom | Kentucky Derby Predictions

Fierceness Running Style – Will It Fit the Kentucky Derby?

In Florida Derby he went wire to wire and never broke a sweat was left alone on the lead and went a modest 1st Q and half at that point the race was over.

Fierceness and Sierra Leone are the two best horses but Fierceness has the advantage of being a horse that has gate speed and will on or just off the lead while Sierra Leone will be coming from way back

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Catching Freedom Running Style: Closer

Comes into the Derby improving in each race and looks to be peaking at the right time!
This is a horse much like Sierra Leone that will be flying at the end as Catching Freedom is a Stone Cold closer. Speed figures are improving in each start.

In the Derby closers have two main obstacles to over come. First you have to have an honest pace because if they go a slow first half mile you will not be able to make up the needed ground coming from behind.

We have seen horses basically steal the Derby by being left alone on the lead going slow fractions then holding off the closers Authentic did that in 2020 and then Medina Spirit did 2021 but was later Disqualified for a testing positive for a performance enhancing drug.

But in 2022 Rich Strike came from last to Win after there was a wicked pace in the race the 1st 3/4 of the race.

Catching Freedom’s Running Style is Perfect for the Kentucky Derby

This race set up perfect for a closer. But even if it’s a fast pace a closer has a second obstacle to over come and that is traffic. It’s a 20 horse field which means you have to navigate thru more horses and sometimes once you get rolling and are making your move you run up on a slower horse but there is another horse outside of you and you have to tap the brakes or in horse racing terms check your horse and lose all momentum.

Don’t want to be wide in both turns as you want to save as much ground as you can but sometimes that will get you locked in.

Brad Cox has been one of the Hottest Trainers over the last few years and he has this peaking at the right time. If they mix it up on the front end this is a Horse that will be flying late!

So, Should Catching Freedom Be on Your Kentucky Derby Betting Ticket in 2024?

Catching Freedom will be a decent price since Fierceness and Sierra Leone will take most of the money at the windows. Probably doesn’t win race but should be used in your Exotics underneath!

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