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BKFC 59 Predictions, Picks and Betting Odds March 29

BKFC 59 Predictions

BKFC 59 Betting Preview

WagerTalk handicapper Andy Lang gives his BKFC 59 predictions and picks for March 29th with John Dodson and Dagoberto Aguero headlining in the main event. The card starts up at 9:00pm ET from Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, NM.

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BKFC 59 Main Event: John Dodson vs Dagoberto Aguero

Friday, March 29BKFC 59 Betting Notes (Courtesy of Caesars)
Moneyline:John Dodson vs Dagoberto Aguero
Fight Time:Main Card Starts at 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT
Arena:Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, NM

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BKFC 59 Predictions

Nick Kohring -650 vs Kyle McElroy +475

I have to bring this fight up for a couple of reasons. First off, McElroy is 43 and when he fights it’s controlled chaos as he isn’t fast, but he knows how to box, and his jab can do damage.

He’s fighting Nick Kohring who has won his last 3 MMA fights in the first round, but this is Bare Knuckle, and it’s very different when you’re not used to getting punched with a bare fist.

McElroy knocked out a guy in his last fight who hadn’t fought Bare Knuckle before, and his experience really showed in that fight.

If Over/Unders come out in this fight take the under for sure as Kohring will be going for broke in the first round, but McElroy is worth a small sprinkle with his experience and ability to jab an overzealous debutant.

Mark Entenberg -550 vs Van Vo -550

This is your parlay piece for this event as Entenberg should molly-whop Van Vo who is terrible. Vo has no power on his punches and is 0-2 in BKFC, and his MMA career hasn’t gone much better as he’s 4-11, and his 4 opponents are laughable with a combined record of 20-57.

He is not a boxer by any stretch of the imagination, and I don’t see any advantage he might have. Entenberg only has one BKFC fight, but he knocked out his opponent and while he didn’t look like a natural boxer, he showed power, cardio, and the ability to take a punch and recover. Entenberg should cruise.

Will Santiago -240 v James Dennis +190

This has all the makings of a fantastic fight that could go all 5 rounds. Both guys have had success in BKFC as Dennis is 2-1 with his loss being his debut, and Santiago is 2-0-1 with his wins being first-round knockouts.

Santiago has a nice MMA background, and he shows glimpses of it in his boxing fights as he went for a single-leg takedown at the end of a round in his last fight…lol…and with some of his footwork, but he has strong punches, and I loved that he got knocked down in the third round of his last fight, but he fought back and got a majority draw so he’s tough to KO.

However, this is a boxing match and I really think Dennis moves better and more fluid on the feet, and he sets himself up for punches better which gives him more chances for landing cleaner shots.

Santiago probably should have lost his last match, despite the draw from the judges, and I think this is a solid opponent who takes care of him. Not only is the underdog live, I think the wrong guy is favored. Take James Dennis at the plus money.

Donald Sanchez -275 v Dallas Davison +215

Sanchez is the rightful favorite here, but there is a path to victory for Davison and that’s to survive early and try and wear Sanchez down the longer the fight goes on.

Sanchez has a lot of power, but he’s 39 years old, and he’s not as nimble on the feet as he used to be. Davison moves pretty well on the feet, and even though he lost the last fight by KO, it was a cut above the eye that the doctor stepped in and stopped the fight.

Davison was boxing well and showed good cardio after the second round, and I feel like he’ll have to do the same thing here.

Sanchez has way better technique and experience, and I do think he has the power advantage as well so it’s going to be an uphill battle for sure for Davison.

In the end, Sanchez is going to be too much for Davison and I think Sanchez finds the KO victory so he will be the pick, and it’s a nice parlay piece.

BKFC 59 Main Event: John Dodson -150 v Dagoberto Aguero +120

I feel like Dodson was made for Bare Knuckle Fighting. Watching his great footwork to avoid shots, but being able to put himself in position to land big shots is impressive, and then to see how accurate and powerful he is with his shot, it just feels like he found his perfect sports.

He’s 3-0 in BKFC, and currently the Champion, and I think he keeps his title against Aguero. Aguero has power, but he’s still young and very cocky, and I could see this turning into a masterclass by Dodson.

Aguero only has one BKFC fight, and he looked good getting the third-round KO, but he’s sloppy. He holds his hands down a lot, he retreats too much for my liking, and although he’s been in plenty of boxing matches, he’s lost his last two, and there are just too many holes in his movement and striking defense for him to overcome.

In his last boxing match, he got knocked out in the 2nd round when he tried to go toe to toe with a flurry of punches. He couldn’t land, and his opponent landed over and over knocking him down twice before the stoppage.

What I saw in Aguero’s BKFC fight was that his opponent isn’t that good, and didn’t know how to exploit the weaknesses of Aguero.

Aguero’s opponent was Chance Wilson, and Wilson is 1-2 in his last three BKFC fights and stood at range and let Aguero’s length dictate the fight.

Dodson does a great job of staying out of range and then rushing in with his speed and power and it feels like a perfect recipe to frustrate and beat Aguero.

Aguero’s BKFC fight was only a few months ago so I’m not sure how much better he could have gotten. If Dodson comes out focused, I expect him to win convincingly.


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