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NHL Player Prop Picks For March 8 – Lazy Line Of The Week – Profit City!

Jaden Schwartz attempts to pass lazy line of the week

NHL Player Prop Betting Picks For March 8th – Andy’s Brilliant Bad Oddsmaker Lines That You CAN PROFIT FROM!

There are thousands of props that get released each day in the world of sports, but which player prop lines have the sportsbooks chosen to ignore despite players consistently hitting that number? The Lazy Lines are a chance for YOU to make some money! WagerTalk player prop expert Andy Lang gives his Lazy Line of the Week surrounding one player prop you should be taking advantage of for March 8!

Andy Lang works hard for you, the brilliant bettor, to make sure you get a chance at beating the odds! His famous Lazy Lines are only one part of Andy’s many offers – check out Andy’s profile for all his sports picks that are geared towards evening out the odds and making you money!

NHL Player Prop Picks – Lazy Line Player Prop of the Week Overview

Side effects of laziness include an increase in blood pressure, increase in cholesterol, increase in blood sugar…and increase in profits.

It’s us against the books in this business, and with the software, algorithms, and engineers they have at their disposal it can seem unfair with how sharp their lines can be.

However, every day the books get a bit lazy with some lines, and that creates the perfect opportunity for us to flip the script and build our bankrolls against the evil empires.

Previous Lazy Lines:

Evander Kane UNDER 0.5 points….2-1
Lebron James over 1.5 Made Threes…4-0
Nazem Kadri OVER 0.5 Points…..3-1

Lazy Line Player Prop of the Week Prediction – NHL Player Prop

This week, we go to the NHL for another hockey Lazy Line Of The Week. Jaden Schwartz UNDER 0.5 on the Seattle Kraken Schwartz has 23 points on the season, but 15 of those points came in October and November.

He missed time in December and early January, but he came back on January 9th with a bang getting a goal and an assist against Buffalo. He followed that up with a point against Washington and a point against Columbus, but then his points production went full-blown Thelma and Louise and fell off a cliff.

In the next 20 games, he only recorded a point in four games, and all four of those games were games in which the Kraken scored three or more goals, and the opponents were Calgary, Detroit, St Louis, and Chicago. All three of those teams are 17th or worse in goals allowed so he’s been scoring against the bad teams, and not so much against the good teams.

Schwartz makes our Lazy Line Of The Week because of his lack of production and upcoming schedule, and we hope the books keep putting out a reasonable price on him to not have a point.

Schwartz plays Winnipeg, Vegas, Washington, Nashville, Buffalo and Vegas in his next six games, and Winnipeg, Vegas, Buffalo, and Nashville are all 16th or better in goals allowed.

That’s important because they all rank higher in defense than the four teams that Schwartz has had a point against in his last 20 games.

So don’t change a thing sportsbooks!!! Keep putting out Schwartz at -150 or better to not have a point, and we’ll play it over the next six games and hope to go 6-0, or 5-1… 4-2 at the worst. Their laziness will be our prize.

Lazy Line Player Prop Prediction: Jaden Schwartz UNDER 0.5 points

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Empty Hockey Net

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