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NHL Player Prop Picks For February 15 – Lazy Line Of The Week – Profit City!

Nazem Kadri looks to pass lazy line of the week prop

NHL Player Prop Betting Picks For February 15 – Andy’s Brilliant Bad Oddsmaker Lines That You CAN PROFIT FROM!

There are thousands of props that get released each day in the world of sports, but which player prop lines have the sportsbooks chosen to ignore despite players consistently hitting that number? The Lazy Lines are a chance for YOU to make some money! WagerTalk player prop expert Andy Lang gives his Lazy Line of the Week surrounding one player prop you should be taking advantage of for February 15!

Andy Lang works hard for you, the brilliant bettor, to make sure you get a chance at beating the odds! His famous Lazy Lines are only one part of Andy’s many offers – check out Andy’s profile for all his sports picks that are geared towards evening out the odds and making you money!

NHL Player Prop Picks = Lazy Line Player Prop of the Week Overview

Last weeks lazy line was LeBron James over 1.5 made three pointers, and after an 0-5 performance from threes against Charlotte, the books continued to put out the same lazy line and we were able to cash the next two games as he landed on two made 3’s against Denver and New Orleans.

Lazy Line Player Prop of the Week Prediction – NHL Player Prop

This week we move the NHL and the Calgary Flames as the books have been giving us the same line at a great price with Nazem Kadri over 0.5 points.

In his last game against the New York Rangers the line was -130 for him to have a point, and although he didn’t have a point, that was the best thing that could have happen to us as the books and their algorithm will just keep pumping out 0.5 at -150 or better, and their laziness will be our treasure.

Kadri has played in 53 games this season, and has 44 points so far, but only two of those points cam in the first nine games. Since the beginning of 2024, he has been on a points tear getting a point in 13 out of 17 games.

If we would have bet 2 units on him at an average price of -150, we would be 12 units just by taking advantage of the books putting out the same line and the same price. We saw Kadri start to catch fire in December as he has a point in 9 out of 13 games so the writing was on the wall that a nice streak was starting.

The books will put as much effort into this line as James Harden does on defense, and that will be great this week.

Calgary plays the San Jose Sharks on Thursday, who give up the most goals per game in the league, and on Saturday they get the Detroit Red Wings at home who will have played two road games against Edmonton and Vancouver on Tuesday and Thursday.

Lazy Line Player Prop Prediction: Nazem Kadri OVER 0.5 points

Empty Hockey Net

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