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Pavlos Laguretos

Pavlos Laguretos

(225593) France at (225594) Spain

(225593) France at (225594) Spain
July 9, 2024 3PM EDT
Play Rating:
2% – REGULATION Fabian Ruiz 2 or more Shots (-105)

Spain vs France
EURO Semi Finals, Tuesday, 3pm ET

Play: Fabian Ruiz 2 or more Shots
Odds at Time of Release: -105
Line Parameter: Playable to -130, no play if odds lower than -130

PSG midfielder Fabian Ruiz has lowkey been on of Spain's best players in this tournament with 2 goals and 2 assists, having started all 3 matches and he has a mean left foot that he is not shy of using. He averages 3.7 shots/game and 1.7 shots on target/game, which is quite high for a midfielder. 

He took 2 shots against Germany, SEVEN shots against England (2 on target), 3 shots against Italy (2 on target) and 1 shot on target against Croatia. Even in the qualifiers, he averaged 2 shots/game with 0.8 Shots on Target/game in 3 matches. He has been one of our most profitable props in this EURO, there is no reason to stop now, especially in a tight game where there might not be a lot of goals, and Spain's midfielders will start firing away. 

Take 2u on Fabian Ruiz 2 or more Shots (-105)

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