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Ralph Michaels

Ralph Michaels

(903) New York Mets at (904) Washington Nationals

(903) New York Mets at (904) Washington Nationals
July 2, 2024 6PM EDT
Play Rating:
4% – New York Mets -130 S Manaea (LHP), D Herz (LHP) Must Start

#903 4% NY Mets w/Manaea -130 Washington w/ Herz 6:45 PM

Mets off a win last night in the series opener are now 17-6 since June 3rd with one loss as +140 dog. NY has not been an AF often but they are 4-0 as fav of more than -125 avg over 7 runs per game. Mets upsurge s clearly based on their offense as in their 13 games they have avg’d 7.7 runs per game and 10.9 hits per game. Manaea has B2B tough starts to start June but he finished going at least 5 innings the L3 starts allowing 4 runs and only 8 hits. He has a 4.40 home ERA but on the road his ERA is 3.16 (.212 OBA). Nationals are 1-6 since June 24th. Herz is a rookie making his 6th start after pitching in AA LY and he has a 5.48 ERA and a 1.50 WHIP  allowing 8 runs and 15 hits in his L2 two starts which last a combined 7 innings.

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