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Scott Rickenbach

Scott Rickenbach

(225501) Germany at (225502) Switzerland

(225501) Germany at (225502) Switzerland
June 23, 2024 3PM EDT
Play Rating:
2% – REGULATION Switzerland +1.0 (-134)

2% Rotation #225502: European Championship | Group Stage: Sunday 2% Switzerland Goal Line +1 -134 vs Germany @ 3 ET in Frankfurt, Germany - First off, about the line here. I am betting at +1 goal and laying a little extra juice to have it. You also have the option of +0.5 goal and plus money or you have the option of +0.75 goal at even money and the latter means half your bet is at +0.5 and half your bet is at +1 goal. Again, I am recommending laying the extra juice to have 100% of your bet at +1 goal. That gets us a push if Germany wins this match by a single goal. The key to the value here though, and why I am expecting a draw or possibly even an upset win for Switzerland, is the way Group A has played out thus far. Germany needs only a draw to take the #1 spot and Switzerland needs only a draw to take the #2 spot. Germany is advancing already but Switzerland (in the event Scotland beats Hungary and beats them handily) needs at least a draw here to make 100% sure they advance. Though, on goal margin - unless Switzerland got destroyed here and Scotland destroyed Hungary, it is highly unlikely Switzerland does not advance as the #2 team from this group. With all of that said, I am expecting a rather tightly played affair here. No reason to take big risks. This is almost more of a tune up for each team for the knockout rounds coming up. So both clubs aim to focus on possession and crisp passing here and limiting high quality chances of the opposition. The result could be a rather drab 1-1 draw here in what should be a rather cautious, defensive-minded display. That said, the underdog goal line is a great option in this one. 2% Switzerland Goal Line +1 -134

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