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Scott Rickenbach

Scott Rickenbach

(225497) Hungary at (225498) Scotland

(225497) Hungary at (225498) Scotland
June 23, 2024 3PM EDT
Play Rating:
3% – (225497) Hungary at (225498) Scotland REGULATION Total Over 2.5 (-125)

3% Rotation #225497: European Championship | Group Stage: Sunday 3% OVER 2.5 -125 in Scotland vs Hungary @ 3 ET in Stuttgart, Germany - Two teams desperate for a win can “go for broke” here as a result and I am expecting plenty of attacking. Sitting in 3rd and 4th in Group A their only hope in this final match is to pick up a full 3 points. It is unlikely either team will advance but there is no sense in sitting back. They need to go for it and be aggressive on the attack as a draw will leave no hope for either. A total of just 1 point between Scotland and Hungary has been earned in the first two matches of this group stage. I like the fact that Scotland has some defensive concerns too with an injury and a red card related suspension hampering the defense. Look for Hungary to take advantage but of course this match is priced as a toss up ("pick'em") with good reason. Scotland has enough attacking firepower to match Hungary goal for goal. Look for at least a 2-1 type match here but 3-2 would not surprise me in the least. 3% OVER 2.5 -125 in Scotland 

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