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Ralph Michaels

Ralph Michaels

(975) Boston Red Sox at (976) Cincinnati Reds

(975) Boston Red Sox at (976) Cincinnati Reds
June 21, 2024 7PM EDT
Play Rating:
3% – Boston Red Sox -103 K Crawford (RHP), A Abbott (LHP) Must Start

#975 3% Boston w/ Crawford -103 Cincinnati w/ Abbott

Wow, what a stretch for Boston as they took the L2 vs Philly, 2 of 3 vs the NYY and then went to Toronto and swept. If at home I might look at this spot as a let-down but the database tells us: Road teams off a 3-game sweep vs a division foe with rest are 65.4% and +26% ROI since 2017. Boston hitting .322 in their L8 games,  and they’ve scored 7+ runs in 6 of those 8 games. From May 24th to June 4th Crawford made 3 starts allowing 15 runs in 16 2/3 inning with a 14-6 K-W ratio. His L2 starts (12 innings) he’s allowed 5 runs, 9 hits and has posted a 17-2 K-W ratio. Red Sox has won their L3 vs a lefty scoring 23 runs and they were a dog in all three. 
Cincy is 1-4 their L5 scoring a total of 3 runs in the 4 losses. Rested home teams as a dog/fav to -125 off a road shutout are 24-44 (38.9%) and -20% ROI since 2013. Red are 4-11 at home with the line between the 130’s which is -40.1% ROI

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