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Scott Rickenbach

Scott Rickenbach

(21) Florida Panthers at (22) Edmonton Oilers

(21) Florida Panthers at (22) Edmonton Oilers
June 21, 2024 8PM EDT
Play Rating:
3% – Edmonton Oilers -114

3% Rotation #22: NHL Friday 3% Edmonton Oilers Money Line -114 vs Florida Panthers @ 8:20 ET - With Edmonton having chased goalie Sergei Bobrovsky in the Game 4 win - 8-1 annihilation - plus the Panthers netminder having allowed 4 goals in the 5-3 loss in Florida Tuesday, Bobrovsky has now allowed 9 goals on 39 shots. The series momentum has certainly shifted and the Oilers and Skinner are the more confident team and more confident goalie! The key here is that the confidence is finally back for Edmonton and that goes a long way! Having the two days off will also help the Oilers recharge their batteries as they ride into Game 6 on an emotional high and come back home to a city and practically and entire country that is cheering them on. Florida appears to be getting some love in the market place for this Game 6, but here is my problem with that no matter what history says about teams coming back from a 3-0 deficit in a series: the Oilers did not just win Games 4 and 5, they won them by a combined score of 13 to 4. Yes the Panthers rallied from a deficit in Game 5 and nearly tied it up but the fact is they did not get it done on home ice. They could not come all the way back. Playing now in Edmonton where Bobrovsky got pulled in Game 4 will certainly not be any easier. I don't care what Florida players might say to the media…deep inside their confidence has been shaken. They know they had this thing when the series was 3-0 and now they know they have tempted fate with back to back losses. They let the Oilers get their special teams going in a positive way and let Edmonton get all their confidence back. This is a huge difference and also note the Oilers have gotten goals from many more than just their top line guys in these last two games. The entire surge of the Oilers, fueled by an electric atmosphere and a hot goalie and facing a struggling goalie (or perhaps even the back-up here!), will combine to lead the home team to a huge win and thank you NHL for, unlike the NBA final, giving us a helluva series. We'll see you again for Game 7 in Florida. 3% EDMONTON +114

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