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Scott Rickenbach

Scott Rickenbach

(225465) England at (225466) Denmark

(225465) England at (225466) Denmark
June 20, 2024 12PM EDT
Play Rating:
2% – (225465) England at (225466) Denmark REGULATION Total Over 2.0 (-142)

2% Rotation #225465: European Championship | Group Stage: Thursday 2% OVER 2 -142 in Denmark vs England @ Noon ET in Germany - You also have the option of playing this at over 2.5 with returns as much as +130 or over 2.25 at -105 which would mean half your bet is at over 2.5 and half of it at over 2. For those of you with access to the Over 2 that is the route i would recommend and I am personally going that route. Even though we have to lay extra juice to have it I like having the over in this one at 2 goals. In this match I am looking for a 2-1 final but if they fall just short then at over 2 goals your bet would be a push. Denmark is upset they were not more aggressive as that led to them settling for a 1-1 draw with Slovenia. England started as if they could name the score in that first match but they settled for a 1-0 defensive minded game against Serbia. However, their lack of aggression nearly cost them, and they know it, so both clubs have reason to be much more aggressive in this match. England certainly is the more powerful team here and they are favored with good reason in this one. However, Denmark had scored an average of 1.9 goals per match in their last 14 matches since the beginning of 2023 prior to scoring just 1 against Slovenia. Look for an entertaining affair here between two clubs scoring with regularity - England in 12 straight competition matches (non-friendlies) and Denmark in 13 of last 15 matches! 2% OVER 2 -142 in Denmark

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