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(977) New York Mets at (978) Texas Rangers

(977) New York Mets at (978) Texas Rangers
June 19, 2024 8PM EDT
Play Rating:
2% – New York Mets -105 Action

2% Take the New York Mets (#977) (action) 

The Mets are the hottest team in baseball right now, riding a seven game winning streak; 11-2 in their last 13 ballgames.  Their lineup is clicking on all cylinders, pounding out 43 hits and 32 runs in their last three games.   In fact, New York has scored 85 runs during their current 11-2 run, averaging 6.5 runs per game during that span.  And the Mets underachieving bullpen has righted the ship as well, a huge difference maker compared to April and May when the pen was routinely coughing up leads. 

Texas is headed in the opposite direction, losers of five straight and ten of their last 14.  This lineup is ice cold, producing only 23 runs in their last eight games -- less than three runs per game since their last day off.  The Rangers bullpen is neither rested nor ready; a bottom five unit in both ERA and saves this season.  Ride the hot & fade the cold.  Take the Mets.

Line Parameter: 2% at -110 or better, 1.5% at -111 or worse

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