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Rob Veno

(509) Dallas Mavericks at (510) Boston Celtics

(509) Dallas Mavericks at (510) Boston Celtics
June 17, 2024 8PM EDT
Play Rating:
4% – (509) Dallas Mavericks at (510) Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Total Over 108.0 (-110)

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(509) Dallas Mavericks at (510) Boston Celtics  (Game Analysis Below) 

Play Rating: 4% 

Play Type: Full Game Team Total

Play: Boston Celtics Total Over 108.0 (-110)

Date/Time: Jun 17, 2024 8:40 PM / Line Provider: Consensus


Monday (Jun 17)

Dallas @ Boston – (Open: Boston TT 108 -115 / Current: Boston TT 108 -110) 

We All Have Seen This Situation During The Playoffs

Boston soundly defeated in spots where they had previously displayed that they were the superior team

After their “game of complacency” they bounce right back

108-84 Game #3 @ Miami / 106-93 Game #3 @ Cleveland AND to a certain extent…

Even though they didn’t lose Game #1 vs Indiana, they were on the ropes before they won in OT

Then re-focused & routed the Pacers 126-110      

Figure “Bounce Back” Offensive Outing At Home Tonight

The three games listed above saw the Celtics retaliate the following game with FG percentages of…53.4% / 51.3% / 47.6% 

All 3 of those are equal to or higher than any % they’ve shot from the field in this series  

Boston has not played a solid offensive game yet in this series

They are the #1 team in offensive efficiency overall & at home this season

Jayson Tatum /Jaylen Brown / Derrick White were 9/30/30% from the field & 4/17/23.5% from 3 

Without Kristaps Porzingis those are their top 3 shooters & scorers…

Major Factor In Tonight’s Play

Dallas’ decision…finally…to play up tempo and focus on creating early offense

Game 4 got sped up & it had the highest number of potential points thus far in this series (455)

Quicker pace means more scoring opportunities and the notion here is that this specific situation especially at home…

Expect Boston to shoot much better

Dallas’ defense has been pretty good all series & Game #4 was great but can they duplicate that effort?

Boston scored 107 / 106 / 105 in the first 3 games with slower tempo and subpar shooting by their season long standards

Tonight’s current price is 108…look for them to score that extra 2-3 points here and exceed that total

Play: Boston Celtics Total Over 108.0 (-110)


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