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Andy Lang

Andy Lang

PFL Parlay

PFL Parlay
June 21, 2024 10PM EDT
Play Rating:
5% – Robert Wilkinson -305 v Josh Silveira + Antonio Carlos Jr -345 v Alex Polizzi...Final Price -140

Robert Wilkinson -305 v Josh Silveira + Antonio Carlos Jr -345 v Alex Polizzi...Final Price -140

Robert Wilkinson -305 v Josh Silveira


Josh Silveira has to be the luckiest guy in MMA history.  Four fights ago, his opponent gets hurt early in round 1, blows out his knee, and Silveira gets credited with a KO win.  The next fight, Silveira is getting exhausted in round 1, and Ty Flores ducks his head and gets knocked out with a random knee.  In Silveira’s last fight, Sadibou Sy breaks his thumb and Silveira gets credited with a round 1 KO.  However, in the PFL Championship where Silveira fought Impa Kasanganay, Impa didn’t get hurt and he beat the sh*t out of Silveira for 5 rounds.  Silveira is 4-1 in his last 5 fights, and probably should be 1-4.  His cardio is non-existent and his striking and grappling isn’t great.  Wilkinson has won 10 fights in a row, and his power should overwhelm Silveria from the start, and if there’s a knock in Wilkinson’s game it’s cardio, and Silveira doesn’t have cardio to exploit it.  Wilkinson’s power is better, so is his clinch and ground game, as long as he stays out of the Silveira curse, he should be on his way to a win here

Antonio Carlos Jr -345 v Alex Polizzi

Carlos Jr should waste no time getting this to the ground and dominating from there.  Polizzi is a complete fade as he’s lost his last 3 fights, and the losses haven’t been close as he’s been knocked out by Romero and Impa, and Karl Moore dominated him in a decision win.  Carlos Jr is probably the best at takedowns and submissions in this division, and he looked great in his last fight getting the submission against Biyong when he had a long layoff.  Carlos Jr should control Polizzi with his clinch and takedowns and with his size and ground game advantage, I won’t be surprised if he gets the finish, but for this bet we’ll just take his ML.

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